Seeing Red Index

Somehow Hajime had been adapting to Sano’s shields even as Sano had been learning to erect them. They’d been growing together, specifically alongside each other.

A His Own Humanity story

Sano can usually deal with angry shades, but the one that’s currently haunting him is a little different. And though he and the exorcist he’s been referred to manage to solve the problem by the end of Spring Break, it’s a week that may lead to difficult choices.

Drama/Adventure/Introspection | Saitou & Sano (implied), Kaoru & Kenshin | Rated 2 | | Language, offscreen major character death, AU | 76,251 words | Completed 04/2013 | ebook

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The next His Own Humanity story is Plastic. The next to feature Rurouni Kenshin characters is Fast Decisions.

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