I’ve been happily busy for several days and have neglected to report. So. I finally vacuumed my room! I’m so pleased with myself! Of course mom has company coming tomorrow, so she’s been having us do all sorts of wrist-straining cleaning tasks that are extremely relevant to having company (like sweeping the front porch ceiling), but vacuuming my room was something I actually care about even if it did hurt XD

Starting a music video was… well, not exactly a mistake… but I should have remembered what working on music videos does to me. It’s so damned addictive and exclusive. The other day — Saturday, I think — I literally worked on it for the entire day, from the moment I got up ’til the moment I went to bed, except for maybe an hour that I spent exercising. Guh, so much fun working on music video, especially on this new computer that doesn’t grind to a halt and have to be reset every twenty minutes. But such long hours of this are also a strain on my wrist; it needs to be saved for times when I’m too tired to write or whatever.

Have I mentioned the exercising yet? Ah, it would be so easy to check, but I’m not going to. I restarted the treadmill over a week ago and have been doing extremely well at it ever since. I am quite pleased with myself. Yeah, I think I remember mentioning it, since I’m watching TNE when Lesta’s not around for BSSM.

It’s a little hard to tell, but that’s my darling cat inside a bottled water package. She does love to get into things.

I just stumbled upon the following in an entry from about five years ago: So the other day as I was walking to work, it struck me that Saitou/Sano is the corpse in the basement of the (alternate) Clanbronwyn Hotel, and I’m the hand in the water. Yesterday I didn’t feel so much like that, but in general I think it’s a good (if incredibly pretentiously geeky) analogy. Da ha ha ha ha ha ha. Why has nothing changed.

Speaking of Saitou and Sano, Seeing Red wraps up tomorrow, and next week we’ll have Fast Decisions (assuming music video doesn’t eat all the time I need to spend on editing XD). After that I’ll really need to think about some ASZz and HR chapters so I’m not entirely neglecting my favorites while I work on getting Confrérie ready. Am I going to be posting SR (or anything else) on ff.n? This still has not been settled.

My mother has put spider on a chain for me, and I shall wear him with my nice brown button-up tomorrow. How about that!!