Today dad and I went to test drive a new car, which looks very much as if it will be the one we end up buying. Mom has to take a look at it too, on Monday, though, so we’ll see. It seemed like a decent car.

So it turns out one or more of our house guests is allergic to cats, so my poor waybee has been locked in my room for the last couple of days. She is alternately sad and angry about this, and I feel so sorry for her. I feel a bit sorry for myself, too, since I usually keep my door open all the time, which airs out the litter box smell :\

Speaking of house guests. If it doesn’t LODITEE all over me, I’ll make a journal entry about these people eventually. If such an entry appears and anyone wants to read it, the password will be 1Loves2, only replace the numbers with the appropriate names. That’ll be the password for any entry I don’t want to be super public but isn’t exactly a big secret either.

I mentioned that my treadmill-walking has been successful so far. This is good. Well, cat likes to be near me when I’m doing this, even though she’s suspicious of the treadmill itself. One time she got up on the back of a high-backed chair so she could stare at me as I walked; it was very funny. She definitely prefers the stretching stage to the noisy machine stage of the proceedings, and sometimes comes and sits quite close while I’m doing it. Observe:

Well, the other night, I went through my whole routine and didn’t see her anywhere. I wondered if she’d lost interest. But then when I was done, I went into the adjoining room to turn off the light before going back to my room, and discovered this:


So I gave in and started posting HoH stories on ff.n. Anyone want to place any bets as to how long I’ll be able to keep it up? I haven’t quite decided on a posting schedule yet — every three days? four days? I’m kinda going to wait and see if there’s any interest at all first.

Recently I had a dream that I was… guess where. Just guess. AT DISNEYLAND ZOMFG. The funny thing about this dream was that, after it had followed the usual pattern of realizing on the third day of four that I hadn’t gone on any rides yet, I in the dream remarked to my mother, “Man, this is just like in all my dreams about Disneyland where I haven’t gone on any rides for two days and have to rush to ride everything I like!”

Eventually I’m probably going to start dreaming that I’m at Disneyland dreaming I’m at Disneyland. What I kinda puzzle over is, what exactly does my subconscious think there is to do at Disneyland, besides rides, that can happily occupy two full days there? I also wonder whether the frequency of these Disneyland dreams would lessen if I were to actually go there. It’s been about four years since I was last there, and apparently my soul longs for it.