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Note: All .epub and Kindle .mobi files are zipped. Also, the .epub files are decidedly of the “better than nothing” variety at the moment until I figure out how to get them to format better.

Angles – The Color of 120°pdf / mobi / epub

Kenshin and Sano were lovers before Saitou showed up… but Kenshin and Saitou liked each other long before that. One thing’s for certain, at least: Saitou and Sano hate each other. Right?

Drama/Romance/Adventure/Introspection | Kenshin & Sano, Kenshin & Saitou & Sano (implied), Other relationship(s) briefly implied | Rated 3 | Canon setting, Language (general/religious), Violence, Gimmickry, Physical fighting between Saitou and Sano, Surprise/forced kissing, Angst, Psychological torment, Major character death (referred to), Established relationship for main couple(s), Queer Kenshin, Queer Sano, Queer Saitou | 44,779 words

As the Years Go Up in Smoke / And the Moments Drift Like Snowpdf / mobi / epub

Saitou could never have predicted the devastating results of trying to fill the gap in Sano’s memory… of bringing to light a secret involving Shishio and Sano’s desperate fear of smoke, a horror that threatens to tear them apart forever.

Drama/Romance/Adventure/Introspection | Saitou & Sano, Kenshin & Sano (implied) | Rated 4 | Alternate timeline, Language (general/religious), Violence, Rape (described), Sexuality/sexual references, Angst, Suicide (attempted), Disapproval of the Saitou/Sano relationship | 16,713 / 12,468 words

Condition of Learned Helplessnesspdf / prc
Drama/Adventure/Introspection | Kenshin & Saitou | Rated 4 | Language, sex, rape, angst | 13,361 words

Gold Eyes Falsepdf / mobi / epub

When Sano is forced to live a day as Saitou and Saitou is forced to observe, the resulting realizations are nothing like what they expect.

Comic (Humor/Drama/Romance/Adventure) | Saitou & Sano | Rated 4 | Extremely ugly art, Canon setting, Language (general/religious), Sex (explicit), Violence, Supernatural occurrences, Get-together story for main couple(s), Other relationship(s) briefly implied | 100 pages

Gundam Wing Collection – pdf / mobi
Duo & Heero | Genres, secondary pairings, ratings, and contents vary | Contains Eloquent, The Eyes in the Mirror, I Am the Mask You Wear, Notice, On Your Mark, Ultramarine, Veritas, and Working Interview at about 44,000 words

He Can Be Taughtpdf / mobi
Drama/Romance/Adventure/Introspection | Kenshin & Sano (implied), Saitou & Sano | Rated 4 | Language, sex | 44,763 words

His Own Humanity: Seeing Redpdf / mobi
Drama/Adventure/Introspection | Saitou & Sano (implied), Kaoru & Kenshin | Rated 2 | Language, offscreen major character death, AU | 76,251 words

His Own Humanity: Plasticpdf / mobi
Drama/Romance/Adventure/Introspection/Humor | Quatre & Trowa, Duo & Heero | Rated 4 | Language, sex, AU | 153,161 words

His Own Humanity: Through July – pdf / mobi
Pairings, ratings, and contents vary | Contains Fast Decisions, Get Used To That, Reciprocity, and Cross-Cancellation at about 24,000 words

His Own Humanity: La Confrérie de la Lune Révérépdf / mobi
Drama/Romance/Adventure/Introspection | Duo & Heero, Quatre & Trowa | Rated 2 | Language, sex, AU | 120,183 words
La Confrérie de la Lune Révéré Plus (Contains Guest Room Soap Opera, Consummate Timing, and That Remarkable Optimism in their chronological places; please note that the inclusion of Guest Room Soap Opera bumps this ebook’s rating up to a 4)pdf / mobi

One Year, Two Minutespdf / mobi
Drama/Romance/Introspection | Duo & Heero (primary), Quatre & Trowa, Alex & Sylvia, Relena & Wufei, Noin & Sally | Rated 2 | Language, Sex, AU | 28,898 words

Rose Palepdf / mobi
Drama/Romance/Adventure/Introspection | Quatre & Trowa, Duo & Heero | Rated 2 | Language, sex, faerytale AU, angst | 17 chapters, 134,520 words

Rurouni Kenshin Collection – pdf / mobi
Mostly not Saitou/Sano; pairings, ratings, and contents vary | Includes Irresolute, No Reservations, One Nightfall, and RKAIM at about 20,000 words

Saitou & Sano Collection – pdf / mobi / epub

Ratings, secondary pairings, and contents vary | 76 stories at about 170,000 words

The Testpdf / mobi
Drama/Romance/Adventure/Humor | Duo & Heero (primary), Quatre & Trowa, Sylvia & Wufei | Rated 3 | Sexuality, language, AU | 26,877 words

You Won’t Regret Itpdf / mobi
Drama/Romance/Introspection/Adventure | Saitou & Sano, Katsu & Soujirou | Rated 3 | Language, violence, sex, rape, angst, AU | 42,314 words

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