The intro is silent; adjust volume for hard rock.

[wpvideo USGhzh7R]

This was the first time I’d worked with live action footage rather than animated, and it was a distinctly different experience. In some ways it was more difficult, but in others it was actually much easier. I’m extremely pleased with the finished product, in any case! I look forward to doing more live action stuff in future, though at the moment I have no particular ideas.

As was the case with Akabane in Never Too Late, it was very difficult here not to pack every instant of Saitou screentime in the movie into this music video. He’s just so damn amazing. I doubt I will use this movie as a source again, though I suppose it is possible, but I do occasionally daydream of doing a music video exclusively about this Saitou. And the song could be I’m Too Sexy or something.

Anyway, as far as the lyrics go, this song is much less how I think of Kenshin than how I think Kaoru might think of Kenshin. And I’m afraid she’ll find, come Jinchuu, that he isn’t quite as unbreakable as she believes. But anyway, I think the song fits pretty well.

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