Well, my little vacation was decent. My opinion of my extended family is much as it has ever been, but I did get to see Mostle and Jakebii and that was great.

Also, obviously, I finished my music video. I had it mostly done by the time we got back on Sunday night, and then I spent the bulk of Monday doing the rest. The majority of the people to whom I’ve shown it so far have responded with, “Holy fuck I need to see this movie.” Which wasn’t my precise intention, but being a sort of Rurouni Kenshin missionary is no sad destiny.

ASZz chapter is at about 5/6 completion. Cross-Cancellation has reached linear completion and editing progresses apace. Confrérie crawls along, but I hope it will hasten once Cross-Cancellation is up and my entire HoH care and energy falls onto Confrérie.

Classes continue to be fairly stupid, but this set can’t possibly last much longer. If I weren’t so lazy, I would look up when they should be ending and comfort myself with that date.

Oh, crap, speaking of dates, it’s coming up the end of the month, isn’t it. Why do I never do my art exchange until the end of the month.

So on the way up to grandma’s house we stopped in Rawlins for lunch. And in the Taco Bell we visited for this purpose I saw this sign:

The commas are what really amuse me, but I also like the idea of feeling the need to advertise that there are things to do in your town. It’s not just there so people can stop at Taco Bell on their way to real places! We promise!!

(Referring to Farr West as a real place is almost as hilarious as anything else, actually.)

2 thoughts on “IKOKU NO KAZE NI

  1. That’s actually a pretty neat sign. I wouldn’t know what to do in, and around, Rawlins. ;-)

    1. Yeah, you would: leave Rawlins.

      Da ha ha, I love that the first item is “Hand Cart Center.” It doesn’t get any more exciting than that, folks!

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