Well, my beloved desert home is on fire again. These last few years of extremely hot weather don’t combine very propitiously with our negative level of moisture. Last year 300 houses burned not two miles from mine; this fire, at least, is not likely to come very close to me. Though if I had to evacuate again, it would, once again, be extremely good timing, since it turns out I have a whole month off before my on-site classes start.

I suppose, because I’m finally typing out a journal entry, I should mention some of the things I’ve been lazily neglecting to mention since my last entry. As hinted above, my online classes are done; they remained idiotic and frustrating until the end. Other stupid stuff related to my stupid school happened, but I won’t get into that right now.

Dad bought mom tickets for them to see Sting at Red Rocks for her birthday, but when the time came they were both too coughy to consider going, so Lesta and I went instead. That was cool. I really have more to say about that too, but don’t feel like it.

Also I had some other things to say that I can’t remember now. I know I’ve had at least two Disneyland dreams… Ah, whatevs. Black Forest is on fire.