The fire is up to 15,000 acres, is still at 0% containment, and has set a record by destroying 360 homes so far. (There are actually three fires going on right now; it’s not unusual for us to have a few fires in the area at any given time. The one I’ve mentioned is the one that’s closest to me, the biggest, the most residential, and the least contained.) My mom has had news turned on about this since it started on Monday, and I fear she’s only making herself feel bad to no good purpose.

In less fiery news, I dreamed I was at Disneyland. This time, it seems, I’d gone on some rides but not all of them — especially not the all-important PotC ride, which my dreams seem to regard as a sort of Disneyland Mecca. Apparently I was not just at Disneyland, but generally hanging out in Orange County. There was this gal a little younger than me, fun and nice and cute, who invited me to a party on the last evening I was going to be there.

I thought it would be kinda fun to go because she was a little flirtatious… but at the same time, I thought she didn’t really mean to be flirtatious and probably wasn’t actually interested in teh ladies. Plus I personally am extremely bad at flirting. Also, party? Ugh. So, though I was tempted, I decided instead to go back to Disneyland to ride the other rides I needed to ride.

Seriously. It’s not that I object to these dreams. It’s just so bizarre that I have them so regularly. Turning down a nice and flirtatious girl’s invitation because I want to ride Pirate of the Caribbean? I can’t figure out my subconscious. And the big question still remains: will these dreams change if I actually go to Disneyland again at some point?

Back in real life, I’ve reached linear completion on ASZz chapter 27. Sunday is my tentative posting day for that.