I get lots and lots of spam email in Russian, and that’s pretty cool. Does anyone know how I can get spam in other languages too? I have no idea how the Russian spam got started, so I don’t know how to go about getting a bunch of people to start spamming me in Chinese and Arabic too. Somebody help!

I dreamed that some cats with a bunch of kittins appeared outside my home! (In this dream, my home was a hotel or something; whatevs). I didn’t see how Tokio would react to them, but I did get to give them food and pet them and stuff. KITTINS.

Yesterday was recording day from beginning to end. I read a bunch, and then edited a bunch, and eventually put up five new recordings, short though they were. This is, of course, not nearly as productive as actually writing stories, but still pretty productive. I like having recordings done. Today (at least for now) I am resting my voice.

Confrérie had been making good progress, and in fact has graduated into its second file; that is always an exciting moment. I’d like to start posting it as a birthday present to myself, but we’ll see how far into it I am by then. I think I was about 40 parts into Plastic before I started posting that one, so that’s been my sort of tentative goal. We’ll see, we’ll see. I was right about one thing, though: getting Cross-Cancellation out of the way has really allowed me to concentrate on Confrérie. So good jobon that.

There’s this pair of bluejays that has come to my yard and declared war on EVERYTHING. They harass the squirrels and the dog and my dad and all the birds. BUT. I do not allow them to harass my little sweet black-capped chickadee friends that live in the birdhouse that hangs from the porch. MY CHICKADEES. BLUEJAYS CAN FUCK OFF.

Also, a deer jumped the six-foot fence. How about that.

I love summer.