In my dream, I was getting ready for Prom. As is often the case in my dreams, this took place in a labyrinthine bathroom faintly reminiscent of Silent Hill. Presently a large grizzly bear attacked, and I killed the poor thing with such ease that the dream didn’t actually bother to show how I’d done it.

Then this horrible old bearded man showed up and started leering at me. I told him to look inside the nearby barrel. When he did so, and found the corpse of the grizzly bear I’d stuffed in there, I warned him that he’d really better not annoy me. He couldn’t get the bear’s body back into the barrel because he wasn’t as badassedly strong as I was. Then he left.

Usually my getting-ready dreams never actually lead anywhere — certainly not to the event I’m supposedly getting ready for — but in this one I did finish my toilette, and headed for Prom. At first I thought it might be cool to go in there with Akabane as if he were my date, but after not too much thought I decided I was too awesome even for Akabane, and went in alone.

I was wearing a three-piece suit rather than a tux, in black and red, and I looked SO FUCKING HOT. I swaggered into the place knowing how amazing I was and how everyone was marveling at my hotness and amazingness. There were some people dancing, but I wasn’t terribly interested in that; I headed straight for the refreshments table and started to fill up a plate with delicious things.

There was this one cake so tall that, when it had been diminished so only a single piece remained, fell over onto its back. I only wanted about a third of this massive piece of cake, and very carefully cut into it with a knife. Then I sat down at a table with my dad (because why shouldn’t he be there, if I was?), knowing that I still looked incredibly attractive and impressive.

So… I’m not sure what that was about XD

Today we are driving to meet my dad’s parents in Moab. Hopefully that will be fun. It’s supposed to be, like, 102° there today, so I bought a swimsuit for the first time in… good lord, I can’t remember. Fifteen years? And then I shaved my thighs for the first time in perhaps eight.


Next week is my last free time before in-person school starts. I suppose I should work really hard on everything I won’t have nearly as much time for during school, but I feel more like hanging around outside in the lovely hot weather and relaxing. Of course this relaxation takes place with my computer these days, and usually after I’ve worn my voice out recording, so it’s generally fairly productive. Good jobon me.

Somehow I thought this entry would take longer to write, probably because I believed, as usual, that I had more to say than it turned out I actually did. We’re waiting for my brother to get home from class so we can depart, and I’ve already packed up my computer for travel, so I’m making this entry on my phone while I boredly sit around. Technically I don’t think his class has even ended yet. Mou.