This latter half of the Vet Tech program is so much closer to real school, it’s astonishing. There is definitely one decent teacher and one obnoxious, repetitive, personal-space-invading, less decent teacher, but at least I’ve actually had to do some actual studying and deliberately set time aside for homework rather than getting straight A’s by generally ignoring everything. It’s a difficult life when you loathe college and simultaneously utterly disdain these fake schools that are your best alternative.

Friday’s cattle lab was pretty badass. We met a number of Brahman mixes and a very sweet little miniature Highland, and gave vaccines and physical exams. I have now shoved things into a rodeo bull that most people would never consider shoving into a rodeo bull. Don’t worry; we wore gloves.

Unrelated to cattle, I dreamed that I and a few friends (including Yahtzee, whom I encounter in my subconscious with unexpected frequency) were LARPing Dragon Age II. The story we were playing resembled the game in no particular, and I only know it was supposed to be DA2 because of some reference I made, while addressing someone apparently playing Bethany, to her character’s Deep Roads fate in the game.

Speaking of video games (and ceasing to speak of dreams since that’s all I had to say on that subject), I have canceled my WoW subscription. This causes me great sadness, and I will certainly pick it up again someday, but car payments have rendered me extremely poor lately and I enjoy eating food.

Writing projects have been going well. As I mentioned before, I can get some decent progress made at school during the more repetitive lectures, and Confrérie has been behaving quite well. Top Secret Project moves right along too; I’m 5.5/11 of the way through that. Oho, if anyone cared, they might use that number to figure out what this project is!! XD In any case, I am a bit more hopeful that both of these things may be ready for my birthday after all. This is terribly exciting.

So, speaking of posting things. I was waiting with some interest to see how many parts of Plastic at ff.n it would take before someone discovered that the entire story is posted elsewhere. The answer? 29.

And speaking of ff.n, look for some trolliness soon, because I’ve found my new Favorite Fic Evar.

OK, so, today on the way home from school, I saw this truck that was painted in a nice black and pink pattern, probably by some custom painter that got paid actual money to do this job. And on the back it said, in nice pink letters, “Silly Boy’s Truck’s Are For Girl’s.” I shit you not. I laughed so hard.

OH, SPEAKING OF LAUGHING SO HARD AND ALSO PLASTIC. So I’m rerecording Plastic, for various reasons, and yesterday I happened to have about twenty minutes free between school and work. I thought, Hey, this is a perfect amount of time to read one Plastic part! Only I forgot I was on part 49, which is Wufei’s first appearance and, in my humble opinion, possibly the funniest part of the entire story. I managed to come up with a Wufei voice without bursting out laughing, but when I got to the “live long and prosper” bit I seriously lost it. I’m really going to have to make an outtake track. This put me in such a good mood to go to work in XD

I think that’s all I have to say right now.