Twenty-five days ’til my birthday! I’m hoping EA will be closed that day. I already have it off school, but if I’m free of work as well I shall drag any family member that’s home to Bishop Castle. My parents have never been there, and I consider castles and hilarious insanity extremely appropriate things for birthdays.

At that very work I have already mentioned, the other closer is quitting, and my cool manager has been kind enough to hire my brother. He’s been in with me the last couple of days for training purposes, but not a lot of that has been accomplished yet on account of MADNESS. I may end up putting in severa extra hours before brother is ready to close the store on his own, which is always nice for money but may wear me right out. Still, it’s awesome that he has this job.

So once upon a time, Three Days Grace released an album called Life Starts Now. Since I have a sort of compulsion to make TDG music videos, I started mulling over which song from that album and which show’s footage I would use. Of course I eventually went with the title track and a focus on Heero and Duo and their eternal love… but another song from that album and the eternal love of Quatre and Trowa was a very close second. And lately I’ve been thinking that (having, after all, so very much free time) I should really make that video too.

I’d dismissed the idea before and gone instead with Life Starts Now (which I just typoed as “Life Starts Ow,” an incredibly appropriate title for that particular video) because I feared this other idea might be difficult to find relevant footage for… but today, listening to the song, I’m kinda changing my mind about that. Besides, I have another GW video project I started forever ago and kinda stopped working on because seeking footage is so tedious; if I were looking for footage for two projects at once, it might be less dull. In any case, I think I’ll set up my folders and see whether or not this takes off.

Recently, Plastic at ff.n has reached the revelation of how the curse is to be broken, and a few commenters have essentially suggested, “Oh, this should be easy; Heero can just put Duo inside a bag and carry that around with him.” And though logistically this is a rational idea, it also makes me wince SO HARD. I mean, the pocket thing does happen a few times for brief periods, but do you really want to put someone already suffering severe sensory deprivation into a bag for half of every day for a month? Heero wasn’t kidding when he remarked on how easy it is to objectify Duo when Duo is, in fact, an object.

Speaking of Plastic on ff.n… it sure is easy to tell which pairing’s fans have been drawn to the story there and which one’s haven’t. The silence in response to any part about Quatre and Trowa is overwhelming XD

At school we have started experimenting with a system wherein the teacher lectures on video rather than in class, and we’re expected to watch the lectures at home. I think none of us have really decided whether or not we like this. It creates a lot more lab time, something that has historically been at a premium, but that is, of course, at the expense of time at home that many of us simply do not have. If I end up working every day next week, I’ll probably fail this class because I won’t have time for the damn lectures… but we do need the lab time. So I guess we’ll see how this turns out.

I dreamed that I ran into a version of myself from an alternate universe. Of course I asked her various questions, and, though I didn’t always like the answers, that was interesting. This self had gone into musical theater, which I think must have made her life extremely difficult because no version of mysef has those natural talents. This was taking place, by the way, in the same dungeon/cave-ish environment my earlier Dragon Age II LARP dream did. Because why not?

In another dream, I was at Disneyland. It was the usual three- or four-day trip, and this time we hadn’t even been into the park during the first two days. The same question as ever arises: what does my subconscious think my family is doing for two days on a Disneyland trip that is so entertaining it puts off riding Disneyland rides?

Anyway, I was excited because on the third day we were going to meet Mostle and Jakebii and all go into the park together and ride the rides! Yay! But the hotel my brother and I were staying at (while our parents were at a different hotel, apparently) required guests to clean their own rooms before they were allowed to check out. So there was some mopping nonsense and I forget what else. This hotel room had multiple levels and a staircase, which was pretty badass.

In a different dream, I was at Disneyland, and properly inside the park this time. While walking along, I found someone’s smartphone on the ground. Everything on the phone seemed to be in Chinese. Evidently just turning the lost phone in to a park employee wasn’t a viable option, because I was fretting about how to get it back to its proper owner.

I entered a shop, and noted that the employees there were all Asian. I asked if any of them could, by any chance, interpret information from the phone that might give me a clue as to who owned it. One lady was able to read it with no problem, but about halfway through it shifted to Japanese and I started to comprehend some of it myself.

Somebody was sending messages to the phone that were news articles about Sano (2012 movie version), and this made me even more excited to understand what was on the phone and to locate its obviously super-cool owner. Though the dream ended at that point, I like to think this owner would have turned out to be a single lesbian that happened to be a huge fan of Saitou & Sano.

In another dream, I was back working at the dry cleaner, and some woman was harassing me about a piece that I couldn’t find and that might be damaged. I was trying to get her to go away and come back or call when the manager, who knew what was going on with this piece, was there, but she wouldn’t. I was about to call the police to try to make her leave the premises when I woke up.

That’s all the dreams I can remember right now. I’m waiting for my mom to be finished with her dental appointment, and then we will go get some lunch. It’s funny how Thursdays always go: I’m like, “I’m going to start in on all the stuff I need to get done, specifically homework, right away when I get home from school at 12:30. I’ll have, like, eight hours to work on everything, and I’ll be able to do something fun in addition to school stuff!” Only then I get delayed in starting until about 16:00. Like clockwork. Probably no something fun today.

Confrérie plan is still in place, by the way. So, twenty-five days to that too!