Seventeen days ’til my birthday and The Posting Of All The Things. It turns out EA is closed that day. But instead of Bishop Castle, we will go to Santa Fe! That will be dreadfully exciting! The last time we went there (which was the only time I’ve been), we got stuck on the highway overnight in the snow in a car that was COMPLETELY impossible to sleep in. I got most of Notice written during that trying interval, but it left me thoroughly exhausted and not in the best state to enjoy wandering around Santa Fe the next day. This time, such a thing shall not occur!!

My top secret project that I will post on my birthday is 18/22 done. The tenth part is going to be by far the most difficult, so it’s a good thing I still have over two weeks left, heh. In rereading the nine parts that are finished thus far, I am incredibly pleased with this. Whether anyone else will be is a matter of question, but the author is extremely happy.

As for that new music video, I got through the first DVD last weekend looking for footage. I’ve been thinking that one other reason I may have discarded this idea back when I first had it was that the song lacks a certain feel to it that others I’ve used for MV’s have had. But lately I’ve been listening to it repeatedly, and I’m starting to get good mental images of how I want to deal with its construction. This may work.

Oh, speaking of work, guess what I’m in the middle of for ten days in a row. If I survive until next Thursday it will be a miracle, but I’m still happy brother has come to join me at EA. And all these extra hours will give me some extra money so I may be able to shop more correctly in Santa Fe ^__^

Last night I was up insanely late finishing homework that’s due at today’s lab. This wouldn’t have been at all a problem if I hadn’t had to work yesterday, ugh. At the moment I wait for brother to be ready to go, as he is to do a morning shift at EA today. I will play with camelids and then join him at work. SO FREAKING TIRED.

Another thing I have done today is posted the end of Seeing Red at ff.n, so all that’s left over there is Plastic for eleven more parts. Speaking of which, remember how I said that it’s the Quatre and Trowa parts that receive the least attention? Well, part 38, which is not actually about Quatre and Trowa, became, today, the first to get no reviews whatsoever before the next part was posted. So it may not actually be tied to subject matter at all, just natural lag. These are extremely important statistics XD

OK, so, at school, we work with various dog corpses in varying states of decay. One of them is a 130-pound black lab that had GDV before it died and OH MY FUCKING POE IT IS SO GROSS. Somehow I have ended up being the one to get it out of the fridge and put it away every day for, like, a week now. One of the ones, rather, since it takes at least two people to lift and a third to navigate.

One day recently when I went to the fridge, I discovered that this cadaver had sprung a leak somewhere (in both body and plastic bag) and oozed quite a bit of bloody fluid. All of it had gone into the little door-compartment thing immediately in front of the cadaver, and filled it up by a good inch. The dermatophyte test medium that was stored in this compartment was all covered in the grossest blood evar. Its cardboard box and instruction booklet were saturated and had to be thrown away; the bottles all had to be cleaned off, though there was nothing to be done about the paper labels on them. SO GROSS. So today when we put that cadaver away, we wedged a plastic tray into the bottom of the fridge so if there’s another blood-leak it won’t go all over the place.

Anyway, do you know what a corpse smells like? Not a formaldehyde corpse you’re going to dissect, but an untreated dead body. IT DOES NOT SMELL GOOD. I placed a urinary catheter into this particular cadaver, and would not have survived that process without the Vick’s Vapor Rub I put all over my philtral area. I was reminded of a certain part of Sun and Shade — proving that even the most unpleasant circumstances can have a silver lining, because I am always happy to be reminded of my own stories XD