Thirteen days ’til my birthday. And today is day nine of ten days working in a row. I’ve reached the point where I kinda don’t give a shit what is happening here at work, which attitude allows me to sit here writing a journal entry when I have other things I really should (or at least could) be doing.

Today at school there was a final examination in Food and Fiber Animal. And on that final examination there was a question like this:

Which of the following statements is NOT true?

a. Blah blah blah fighting teeth.
b. Blah blah blah puberty.
c. Blah blah blah females.
d. All of the above are true.

When I mentioned to the teacher that this question thus worded, given that only one of the options can be selected, is impossible to answer, she seemed a little confused about what I meant and told me I was the first person, in all the five years she’s been giving this test, to point this out.


We also did a fecal lab today, and that was unexpectedly fun. The horse feces my group was working with actually smelled surprisingly good.

Oh, speaking of smells, and something I mentioned in a previous post that smelled bad… an even worse smell was encountered during last Friday’s camelid lab when it turned out that what we thought might be a trash can intended for trash turned out to be a trash can intended for the soaking of dead animal parts so they would separate from the bone, which the teacher could then bleach and use for anatomical demonstrations. On two separate occasions the lid of this unlabeled trash can was lifted by someone looking to throw trash away; we could very easily tell when this happened.

The camelid lab was fun, by the way. We played with alpacas, and I successfully drew blood from one of thems and gave an intramuscular injection to another. Yes.

Last night I dreamed that I was set up on a date with Oscar the grouch. Despite being gay, I decided to go on this date out of pure interest in what a date with Oscar the grouch would be like. That’s all I remember of the dream, but I found the concept so interesting that I do remember mentioning it to someone in a different dream before I woke up.

I’ve had some other dreams recently that I would like to record, but I’m too tired and spacey to recall them right now. I’ve consistently been up late finishing stupid homework, and then slept badly. Stuuuuuupid. Normally this type of proceeding leaves me in a perfect state to work on a music video or something, but I’ve had no free time whatsoever. But I just have to get through work today, school and work tomorrow, and school on Thursday before I will have some!!

OK, OK, OK, so. I’m rereading Twilight right now via audiobook, and, since I’ve had absolutely no other time lately to listen to the teacher’s recorded lectures, I have interspersed bits of them among the audiobook files. So Bella whines entertainingly for six minutes or so and then my teacher breaks in talking about rectal exams and semen collection and other incredibly appropriate things. It takes the already hilarious experience of Twilight to a whole new level. Not good for the headache I’ve had off and on for the last several days, but very good for my mood.

I think that’s all I have to say right now.