La Confrérie de la Lune Révéré 0

Even from a huge distance — nearly from space, seemingly — it was obviously a great collection of objects, like a vast landfill where only one specific type of item was allowed. What type that was he didn’t know; though he could see they were all similarly shaped, he wasn’t close enough yet to identify them. But he was nearing, gradually, inexorably, like something floating on an incoming tide. All he had to do was wait patiently, and after not too long he would see…

Cell phones. It was an unthinkably huge collection of phones stretching into infinity and piled to oceanic depth. They were all different brands and models, showing a wide variety of conditions and levels of use. Their one feature universally in common was their stillness and silence. No light shone from the face of any; they might all have been dead, headed for recycling or an actual landfill or whatever heaven existed for cell phones.

But as he drew closer, close enough to make out the numbers and letters on each visible keypad and the staring blank expanses of the touchscreens, he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was a message somewhere for him, specifically for him. He looked around. It should be easy enough to spot in this desolation.

It was. Like some great mythological creature deep beneath the sea opening a thousand eyes at once, the phones abruptly lit. There was no wave of sudden power and reception spreading from one point to another; it was a spring to life so simultaneous it was as if a new image had been inserted in front of his eyes, obscuring the old, and beneath the new one still lay the dark, powerless expanse. And yet the light was so bright from the combined faces, though there was nothing to illuminate, that it was difficult not to believe in it. Besides, when he caught sight of the origin and purport of the message blazoned across the face of every phone from here to infinity, he had no choice but to believe.

It was from Quatre.

It said simply, Help.

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8 thoughts on “La Confrérie de la Lune Révéré 0

  1. You sure know how to hook an audience right from the beginning! I’m going to save the first part to read on the holiday/your birthday. Maybe it will make the wait between parts easier. (I’m actually glad you’re not posting every day. I would have a hard time keeping up.)

    1. One benefit of sequels, I have found in the many I’ve started (and please don’t ask how few I’ve finished), is that you can lead with a hook much more easily than in a first story where you’re still busy setting things up. I’m super glad you’re already interested! Here’s hoping you like where it goes too :D Thanks for being my first reader!

  2. Johnny come lately, much? Because you know the middle of December is just rife with free time for everyone, right? Right.

    Still, yuuss!! I love this opening. I love that it’s…CELL PHONES, of all things. I loved that, even though I spoiled myself by reading the last two lines, it still was pretty crammed with impact-fulness. ANd, of course, having read the synopsis, just waiting on tenter hooks to know what the issue is (and, of course, the eventual catharsis of knowing it will be resolved).

    My ONE little beef with this is…the comparison of this mass of phones stretching to infinity but only having oceanic depths. We know the oceans have a limited depth, but by its very definition, infinity does not.

    Unless that was done on purpose (now that I’m in full ‘over think this to death’ mode) in that the potential for this problem to occur again, at another time and/or with someone else, it can also be resolved. So you have the unknowable with the knowable. In which case…wow. I just gave myself a headache. XDDD

    I will be reading this slowly, at least until December’s over, but yay!!! Sequel!

    1. Definitely don’t worry about rushing to try to catch up or anything, since I’m posting this thing so slowly in the first place XD It’s not likely to speed up for quite some time yet, since I have at least twenty-some weeks left before I’ll be done with school. In any case, though, glad to have you!

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