I know I’ve used this same subject line before, but I’m just so happy Peyton hasn’t actually abandoned it that I had to repeat. Not like I don’t reuse subjects all the time anyway… I’m pretty sure “DOKANAKYA! Thou hast the power!” topped about two hundred different posts back in the day.

Holy crap, I need a Trindon Holliday shirt.

OK, so here’s a thing that drives me crazy: when people deny an irrelevant condition in their descriptions. “This is not such-and-such” is an extremely frustrating result in a search for such-and-such.

Allow me to explain my lifelong issue with stickers. I love stickers, but I can never bring myself to put them anywhere because I have this obsessive need to apply them to something that will last so the sticker won’t be wasted… but not something that will be materially damaged by the presence of a decaying sticker (my laptop, for example). There are very few things that fit my sticker criteria, and I’ve had a growing pile of sheets of awesome stickers I can’t bear to remove from their backing.

BUT THEN. See, I also have this poster, though on mine I drew makeup all over Edward’s face to show how seriously I take him and what a hardcore Twilight fan I am. And the background isn’t nearly as high-contrast as it looks in that image, so we end up with a lot of what feels like wasted space. For a long time I was debating cutting the center of the poster free and turning it into a small horizontal image rather than a sprawling vertical one. AND THEN IT OCCURRED TO ME.

The rest is history. I’ll take a picture at some point.

Today is a fantastic day. I love Sundays because I get to sleep in, and after yesterday’s 24-order day at work I was very happy to do so. Room-cleaning, football-watching, season-premiere-anticipating, and visiting-relatives-awaiting round out a nice weekend. Well, and I do have some homework too, but one can’t have everything.

Oh, speaking of school… I got 100% on my anatomy and physiology final. How about that.