I need to make a detailed Halloween report, but at the moment I have zero pictures of myself in costume, so that will have to wait. Right now I just wanted to mention that, since fanfiction.net applied the pairing filter options, Seeing Red is not just the only story there labeled with the Saitou & Sano pairing, it is 1/2 of all the stories there labeled with Saitou in a romantic relationship at all.

This is not a good thing — in fact it’s a very bad thing, as it’s evidence of how dead not just my good old fandom but also my favorite pairing of all time is; there are three or four other stories about Saitou and Sano that are supposedly still being updated, but the most recent post to any of them was in January, so of course none of those authors has been around to take advantage of the new pairing labels… and authors of older stuff are probably actually literally dead by now and decayed in their graves.

So, yeah, not a good thing… but kindof an interesting thing, you know? Anyone that went to ff.n and searched for fics about Saitou and Sano in a romantic relationship using the new pairing filter would find only my story about them. And the irony of that is that Seeing Red is actually a pre-relationship fic. They won’t actually hook up until Confrérie progresses a bit farther.

Such is life, I suppose! Some things are just a crying shame, though.

P.S. Speaking of Saitou and Sano, the rewrite of He Can Be Taught is complete and completely posted.

EDIT! (Long after the fact.) I actually never got my hands on any pictures, but I should still report Halloween. So. I dressed up as PSY in one of his Gangnam Style outfits, and, if I do say so myself, it looked damn good. The only problem was that the sunglasses that were appropriate to the outfit didn’t come in the mail until a week and a half after Halloween, so for the day itself I wore some that were less appropriate to the outfit.

I went to school in this fabulous costume, and there was a Halloween party/costume contest. So many of us had dressed up that we had to be voted for in batches because there wasn’t space out in the center of the room for everyone at once. So a truncated set of students went out and walked around in a circle so everyone in the room could see our costumes.

Then the guy that runs the school or whatever went around calling on each of us individually so our costumes could be specifically identified, and then the room would clap and cheer however much they wanted that person to win the contest. I already had the feeling nobody knew who I was supposed to be, so when it came around to me, instead of saying that I was PSY, I just did a bit of the dance to identify myself. That got some loud applause.

But then a bit later, while the judges were conferring on our lot, the guy that runs the school or whatever called me forward to dance properly for everyone. And that got the loudest applause and cheering of all!! But because it wasn’t the voting applause and cheering and the judges were already conferring, I did not win. People were coming up to me for weeks afterward, though, saying, “You were awesome on Halloween, and you totally should have won! You got way more applause than that cat girl!”

The person that actually won the #1 prize totally totally deserved it, though. Aside from her completely badass evil scarecrow movie-quality costume, she’s also a lesbian and on our side of the street. Vet building represent!

Anyway, I handed out candy on Halloween evening, and got lots of compliments on my costume, though I’m pretty sure 0% of the people that said something knew who I was XD It was a great holiday!