After the work I’ve done on it today, I’m pleased to announce that I can offer an estimate on the length of La Confrérie de la Lune Révéré. At the moment it’s looking like it’ll be around 60 parts long, which, based on current averages, will be around 120,000 words. That’s about 3/4 as long as Plastic, which is pretty well what I envisioned going in. I’m afraid it won’t take 3/4 as long to write or to post, or have 3/4 as many readers as Plastic, but having some numbers is nice!

Ooh. It just occurred to me that I’m probably going to be done with school before I’m done with this story, which means that someday I may have extra free time to work on it. I do have to survive another internship before that happens, though, so we’ll see… Maybe someday I can go to a quicker posting schedule!

I thought this might be an entry about events and stuff, not just story, but it turns out not. Nothing interesting enough has happened. I have had some dreams I’ll mention at some point, but I’ll save that for another time.