I did it! I survived! I got through the last few incredibly hectic weeks, including one full of surgeries and one full of ten-hour shifts! (I’ll let you guess which of those was work and which was school.) Now I have a break until the eighth of January, and during that break I have EIGHT WHOLE DAYS of no school and no work. Not in a row, but WHATEVER ZOMFG. Things I intend to do on those days:

* Sleep

* Wear a different tie every day, for a total of EIGHT DIFFERENT TIES

* Sleep

* Work on stories

* Sleep

* Order new work pants

* Sleep

* Play Dragon Age II

* Sleep

There are a few other things I’d like to get done during this time, but I am not counting on any of them and won’t give a damn if they don’t happen. They are as follow:

* Start painting a picture

* Clean my room

* Get everything I need ready for school restarting

Oh, man, my poor carpal tunnels are aching after all the work I’ve done over the last couple of days. And we’ll see tomorrow how many complaints come in regarding orders for yesterday and the day before. But break! Break! After this break, I have one more eight-week set of classes (including equine), then another internship, and then I will be done with school *___*

Today, of course, is Christmas — happy Christmas to anyone that cares about Christmas!! — and what better way to celebrate Christmas than to eat a bunch of food I’m allergic to and work on HoH stories?? I really don’t know of one. So off I go!

P.S. I don’t know which tie I’ll be wearing today, because I’m not dressed yet. Because break and I only got up, like, an hour ago :D