I’ve mostly lazed about and drawn a bit today, which is not interesting to talk about, so I’ll get right to the catching up.

Around Thanksgiving, there was a raffle at school for Broncos tickets, with proceeds going to the fund that helps feed hungry fellow students. Oh, how I wanted to win those tickets! I have never been to an NFL game in person.

Others in my class very much wanted to win those tickets too, and I’m pretty sure we ended up being the class that contributed most. One classmate and I each bought 100 raffle tickets, but a third gal in our class bought twice that many. Unsurprisingly, she ended up winning. At least, then, we could specifically blame it on her when they freaking lost (this was the Chargers game).

So then, after that, there was a wreath-decorating contest, and the winning class would have a pizza party. I was voluntold to be in charge of this, which I didn’t mind since I don’t have a lot of faith in the artistic powers of my classmates.

Unfortunately, I had only, like, four dollars to my name in the world at that point, and the wreaths had to be done before I would get paid again. A classmate gave me a few dollars as well for the project, so I bought what I could to put on the wreath, and some glue with which to put it, and spent that boring time that comes after each test while the majority of the class waits for the slow minority putting it. For the least expensive wreath on the wall, I thought it turned out extremely nice:

We did not win. Some class across the street whose wreath I never bothered to go look at did. Mou. I wanted that pizza party.

So this school I go to has adopted an assisted living home, and every Christmas they buy presents for the residents (and staff, and apparently the home dog) and troop over there and sing songs at them or something. I remember wrapping stuff for this endeavor last year.

This year, our class had three people to provide presents for if we would/could, and I was the designated shopper. So everyone gave me money to go buy presents, and several of them gave me additional money for the wreath, even though the stuff to go on the wreath had cost less than $10 and we didn’t even win XD

EDIT: Oh, crap, I forgot about that dream from this morning! OK, so, I slept badly last night, and that always leads to interesting dreams… in this one, I was attempting either to go out and deliver arrangements for work or just get to school, and there was this room where all the slimy gross giant bugs were hanging from the ceiling and dangling down and reproducing. It was so horrifying that I could barely move. Only then a magical kiss between wheelchair-bound Treize and cigarette-smoking Prince Adam (He-Man) turned all the bugs into beautiful stained glass windows, so everything was fine. How about that.