I’m totally bummed that school is happening again this year. I know it’s only eight more weeks (+ internship), but I’ve been so delightfully productive over this break that it seems a crying shame to have to go back to doing all the things every day that are not things I’d rather be working on.

OK, today’s Sherlock episode was the sweetest damn thing I’ve ever seen.

It’s looking like I’ll finally have that HR chapter (the one I thought I’d get done last summer) up sometime this week. And I’ve done so much work on recordings! Nothing to show for it yet, but that’s the way of recording work. And HoH! My brain explodes of HoH! Why should I have to go back to school???

Clearly I am putting off the moment when I have to go to bed and probably sleep very poorly until I get up in the morning for school. Ugh, we even have homework due on Tuesday already. Seriously.

At least my cat is attacking my feet.

Well, it’s been a fabulous winter break. Ties were worn, money was made, food was eaten. Good times, good times. Now I will sink back into updating infrequently and ignoring things people say to me. Wish me well!