‘Cause I ain’t got no girlfriend; you ain’t got one either. If you got a girlfriend, baby, won’t you bring her?

This time…

This time I am really finished.

For real.

Those that have been following my journal for a few years know that, in the horrible dental program I did a while back, I completed an internship that sucked more than a little bit. Let’s quickly move away from that to last year’s vet assistant internship, which also… kinda sucked… what with the evil doctor yelling at everyone and not wanting to see interns doing things.

Well, apparently the third internship’s the charm. The site I was at for the last six weeks was AMAZING. Every member of the staff was so welcoming and friendly, so ready to help me learn and give me chances to practice, that the overall experience couldn’t have made a greater contrast to my previous intern sites if they’d deliberately set out to be every bit as awesome as the others were terrible.

I feel like I’ve come out of this internship with a good, solid understanding of working in this field and reasonable expectations about this job. I still need practice in a lot of areas, but that’s only to be expected (especially of me). In general, thanks to this internship, I feel pretty confident. And may I just reiterate how wonderful the people there were? Even those that seemed less personally friendly, didn’t appear terribly fond of me, still did their obvious best to make the experience pleasant and educational.

The office manager/head tech was very happy with my work — so happy, in fact, that on my penultimate day she took me over to the other location owned by the same doctor (which is currently hiring) to talk me up to the office manager there and have me apply. I have an interview there on Friday, so we’ll see if they want me!

If not, I shall grab some more weekly hours at EA than the five I’ve been doing during this full-time internship, try to get back to a paycheck that isn’t entirely eaten by my car payment, and continue applying at other vet clinics. But keep your fingers crossed for a good outcome at the sister clinic of my intern site. It would be soOoOo delightful and convenient if I could get a job there, since I already know some of the people in the business and, in general, how they run things.

So I am extremely happy. I have an exit interview at the school on Thursday, and then it’s possible that I won’t have to go back there more than once or twice ever again. Also? I have some free time before I land a job, during which I can catch up on many things. I don’t know how long this will be, and I should really get into the habit of not putting things off until I have such lengthy stretches of free time, but still. A to-do list:

* Sleep in a shit-ton
* HoH
* Working Interview
* Saitou and Sano
* Draw game pictures
* Art exchange
* Do something about this half-finished picture of Heero and Duo that’s been sitting here since literally November
* Conf title picture
* Go through archive and eliminate bad stories
* Tolkien chronology
* Wagakki Band
* BioShock
* Clean downstairs bathroom
* Clean downstairs hallway
* Clean my room
* Clean out and organdize fridge(s)

10 thoughts on “‘Cause I ain’t got no girlfriend; you ain’t got one either. If you got a girlfriend, baby, won’t you bring her?

  1. I’m glad you liked your final internship! Hopefully this leads to a great job!

    I was worried there for a second that you meant that you were done posting on your blog, and that you’d stop writing awesome gundam wing fanfiction for forever…

    1. Hah! You thought I’d drama’d right out of the fandom, eh? No, don’t worry about that. You’d get lots more warning if I decided to stop writing GW fic :D

  2. I think you’ll get the job… =D Anyway, try to get some real rest now, you sure deserve it!
    I finished Plastic a while ago. I cried and laughed… And you really did scare me with that talk about Duo ending up in a landfill… He should not joke about something like this…
    Well, I know I’ve said this before, but you are amazing.

    1. I sure hope so! I’ve got my fingers crossed, and the tarot card I pulled on the subject seems cautiously hopeful. But we’ll see!

      As for Duo ending up in a landfill (glad you liked Plastic, by the way!!), if I get as far in the series as I’m hoping to, we will actually get a glimpse at what might eventually have happened to him if the curse hadn’t been broken. Spoiler: it’s not pretty.

      1. Well, to say I liked Plastic wouldn’t be fair. I absolutely loved it!!
        It was heartrending and powerful, and the humor was deftly used. (I had the same reaction as Heero when Duo mocked The Surgery….XD).
        I plan on starting Confrérie very soon (real life has other ideas though… we’re trying to reach a compromise). And I should probably watch Gundam too…
        Anyway, wishing you luck on the job interview! ;D

        1. Oh! And about the landfill fate… it terrified me.
          It hadn’t occurred to me (until then), how easily something like that could happen… . T___T
          and he would be lost forever…. T_____T

          1. Thank you very much for your kind comments! I’m always glad when someone likes something I’ve written ^__^ And yes! Duo dodged a bullet during those 87 years. Fortunately, I am not quite that unkind to characters XD

  3. Congratulations and good luck! I hope the interview goes well. It’s good that you already know some of the people there. Hiring a new person is a big gamble for an organization. If people know what you’re like to work with, you’re less of a risk for them to hire.

    Surely you won’t be removing any GW fic from your archive. There is nothing bad there. ;-)

    1. Thank you and thank you! I am filled with hope. But not too much hope, because down that path lies madness.

      And as for fics coming down, though it’s mostly going to be RK stuff, it’s likely that Sun and Shade will disappear from the archive. Fair warning!

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