Once forgotten, twice removed love will be the death of you

I have been so freaking productive over the last few days. I love being unemployed really wish that clinic would call already and let me know whether they want to hire me or not. In the meantime, I have been so freaking productive over the last few days.

For anyone looking forward to Guest Room Soap Opera (nobody is looking forward to Guest Room Soap Opera), plans have changed a little bit. I decided I felt better about the story with numbered parts ala longer HoH stories than with starred scenes as in the shorter ones, even though this is a shorter one and only has four parts. And because of that, I will spread out the posting rather than putting it all on one day as I was originally planning. That will start Wednesday! This is a source of great excitement to me.

OK, I need to get back to my attempt at getting rid of all these pictures I always take of things that amuse me and then never do anything with. If I ruthlessly start at the beginning and just post all of the damn things a few at a time, that should work, right?

Look at these super freaking adorable cute chocolates!! They didn’t taste very good, but that was fine because I get to keep the memory of their visual sweetness far longer than their flavor in any case.

Obviously this is from my dry-cleaning days. It might even be from two phones ago. Seriously what is wrong with me. Anyway, this is really only funny to YTP aficionados, and possibly not even to most of them. “I’m Dr. Rabbit, the world’s only rabbit rabbit rabbit designs.”

That’s enough picturage for now. I will post more tomorrow SOMEBODY HOLD ME TO POSTING MORE TOMORROW.

Last night my mother had a gathering of LDS people (who attend a class she teaches) to eat ice cream and play games. And since they were playing my two favorite games of all (and freaking eating ice cream, obviously), I joined them despite being the black sheep.

One of the games was Telestrations, though mom had put together booklets with LDS-themed phrases rather than using the cards from the game. I mention this only because I need to make a lasting note of a couple of them: “Earth with her ten thousand flowers” turned into “grandma’s playing poker with her invisible friends again,” and “2,000 stripling warriors” became “clap if you believe in fairies to save Tinker Bell’s life.”

4 thoughts on “Once forgotten, twice removed love will be the death of you

  1. Too bad the chocolates didn’t taste so great, they sure look delicious…
    Anyway, you have probably already heard, but the trailer for the next RK movie (Kyoto Inferno) is already on You tube…
    Also, reminding you of posting more pictures today.. =D

    1. I really think the super cuteness of the chocolates completely makes up for the mediocre taste. So adorable.

      Yeah, I’ve been following all the updates about the coming movies (tight-lipped as they’ve been about the last installment thus far), and I’m a little concerned that Kaoru is going to have even worse characterization in the next two than she did in the first one. Not that I don’t adore the first one still, and not that I won’t very happily watch the next two, but it sure does look like she’s going to end up a damsel in distress yet again (and at a moment when she really shouldn’t). Whatevs, whatevs. I unfailingly buy anything that says Rurouni Kenshin on it, and they know that.

      1. I understand your concern. I’m also worried with what they’re going to do with Soujirou and Shishio… I loved the first one, but they disregarded Aoshi completely.
        Let’s just hope for the best…

        1. I thought they were wise to leave Aoshi out of the first one; he would have unnecessarily complicated an already jam-packed narrative. But I then expected him to be omitted from all the movies, since his first meeting with Kenshin, providing the motivation for his entire subsequent involvement in the story, is essential and would no longer fit in anywhere. I adore Aoshi, but he is no more than thematically and atmospherically important; the actual story stands perfectly well without him. So it’s a little worrisome that he’s included in the upcoming film (which already aspires to cover a complicated lot of ground).

          But not nearly as worrisome (to me) as seeing Kaoru on the deck of the Rengoku for some reason, being restrained by Yumi somehow and apparently needing to be rescued by Kenshin again. Yes, canonically, Kaoru is a damsel in distress at least twice; this is an unfortunate and undeniable fact… but why would they want to take the one story arc in which this doesn’t happen and make it happen again? Are they going for a round trio, making sure Kaoru gets thoroughly damselled in each movie? Ugh.

          Kaoru’s weak characterization is tied with the bizarre random changes to Gein and Banjin (but mostly Gein, since I love him most) as my biggest peeve about the first movie. And I’m afraid that aspect of things is only going to get worse this fall.

          As I mentioned before, though, I’ll see and buy them and probably love them despite all of this XD

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