On Tuesday I got an email from the promising site declining my hire. The next day I had a working interview at a spay/neuter clinic. They were supposed to call me by the end of the week, but I haven’t heard from them. I did call them yesterday afternoon, but they’d already closed.

So guess who wrote AN ENTIRE STORY on Thursday. Beginning to end, with the first complete edit thrown in for good measure. JUST GUESS.

I felt the need for this particular story only very recently (OK, technically, I felt the need for this particular story quite some time ago, but only got a detailed idea of what it would actually be very recently), and because of this figured it was just another entry on the “HoH stories to be written eventually” list. (How long is this list? LONG.)

Of course I would have liked to have it finished so as to post it in its proper place (after part 3 of Guest Room Soap Opera, which is when it will now be posted), but that was pure daydream… until this miraculous Thursday. I love being unemployed.

OK, yeah, technically I am still employed at Edible Arrangements, even if most weeks I work a total of five hours. Next week is the Mother’s Day gauntlet, so I’ll be working most of that including the following Sunday. As always, great for the paycheck but not huge amounts of fun. Meanwhile, applying at vet clinics right and left. Good old job-hunting. How I abominate it.

Turns out the next several pictures in the needing-to-be-dealt-with collection are of my cat. Go figure.

She will do what she do do.