After I did a second working interview for them yesterday, the spay/neuter clinic has decided to hire me. I start tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that this is not an optimal job, since it is solely a spay/neuter clinic and therefore won’t give me practice at any other vet tech skills. But it’s in the right field, it’s experience of some kind, and it will be full time paying slightly more than EA. Therefore I am pleased.

Yesterday we had one of the badass hailstorms we get here.

The yard always looks like we’ve had snow afterward:

And then when brother and I went to drive somewhere, we found that hail had piled interestingly against the garage door:

That’s all the pictures I feel like posting right now. I’m extremely lazy, and it’s my last day to be so. I should really work on story, but instead I may play Conquests of the Longbow for the rest of the afternoon and then touch up my hair dye before I go to bed early.

4 thoughts on “ALL HAIL

  1. Congratulations! I hope you have fun working there. Remember that it’s usually easier to get a different job when you already are working someplace.

    We had hail like that in Pennsylvania, too. It never made it to my part of town, but the western part of town got hit hard. People could actually shovel it.

    1. … it’s usually easier to get a different job when you already are working someplace. Yes, exactly! I hope this place will be a doorway to a less limited vet tech job. And in the meantime, I still get doggy kisses ^__^

      I have to admit that I kindof ADORE those hailstorms. They’re endlessly fascinating.

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