Khalina, khalina, khalina, yemkin enssa l’assiya, denta lli amelta fiy, ya habibi kan ketir

Let’s have a personal journal entry fifteen days before my birthday!

I’ve been sick for, like, three weeks. It’s slowly going away, but I still have this stupid cough. Fortunately, I’m feeling fairly human again by now, and yesterday I actually had the energy to clean my room finally! It’s so lovely in here now!

Also, posters. So. When I moved back into my parents’ house a few years ago, I thought it was going to be a temporary thing (until I finished the school program I was doing and found a more lucrative job), but these days it’s looking more long-term if not permanent. Back then I put up some scrolls and posters, but didn’t bother to cover all surfaces the way I prefer because I kept thinking I wouldn’t be in here that long. But now, accepting the nature of this arrangement, I have finally gone all-out in the good old style. This makes me happy. I suppose a few quick pictures are in order… Four corners ahoy:

Next, brother has acquired a kittin and named it Galileo. Waybee is unhappy about this addition to the household, and will attack him if he comes near her. She will undoubtedly get over it eventually, but for the moment their interaction is rather entertaining to watch. Little cat likes golden Oreos, for some reason.

So WordPress tells me what search terms have led people here, of course. And one search term that brought up my archive as a result was, “i’m thinking of suing myself. apparently.” This made me laugh really hard.

One day mom texted to ask what I wanted from McDonald’s. In attempting to reply that I wanted a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, my phone thought I wanted to type “Quatre,” and suggested “Wufei” as another word I might possibly be trying for. Dear Swype, I don’t think McDonald’s sells those.

One time I dreamed that I was taking part in a rodeo. The event I was competing in involved the following: a cow would be restrained upside-down with only its head emerging from the restraining device. I would direct my duck up a ramp to the cow’s head, where it would harass the cow with its beak for a set amount of time. Then I would call the duck back to stand in a certain spot, and we would be scored on our performance. I LAUGHED SO HARD WHEN I WOKE UP FROM THIS DREAM.

OK, despite how many photos there already are in this post, I can’t do a personal entry without progressing through the huge collection of old pictures I still need to deal with. So here are a few more from dry-cleaning days:

This interested me greatly at the time because I had no idea Playboy made suits. It’s… a little disturbing, I think, actually.

“Have dry-cleaned with reputable cleaner who is familiar with knitwear care” cracked me up. So pointlessly specific, and, methinks, somewhat paranoid. Aww, look at my stubby little thumb with its cute black nail! I should paint my nails again sometime.

I need not explain to any RK fan why this amused me. I wonder what kind of clothing line Soujirou would design… I imagine somewhat preppy.

9 thoughts on “Khalina, khalina, khalina, yemkin enssa l’assiya, denta lli amelta fiy, ya habibi kan ketir

  1. XD “i’m thinking of suing myself. apparently.” XD XD XD XD
    New cat is lovely!!! Hope everything goes smoothly for him!!
    My older female was always a bit mean to newbies, but got around it after 2 or 3 weeks…
    And again I have to say, your posters are awesome!!! Good job on your room!!!

    1. The “apparently” was what really made me guffaw at that. Thinking of suing one’s self is pretty funny, but being taken somewhat by surprise at the discovery is a hundred times better.

      Little cat is sneeping on my lap right now while brother is out running errands or something:

        1. I know, right! And, you know, I can think of plenty of situations where the phrase might be used, but I can’t think of many situations where you’d need to search the internet for it XD XD

            1. Well, with as many years’ worth of entries as I have, I’m never surprised at what leads people here… though I am sometimes surprised that they clicked on a link leading here in the first place, heh.

  2. I was going to say how incredibly impressed I am with your poster collection, but then I saw the adorable kitty and I don’t have any words. Oh my goodness, Galileo is a beauty. :-)

    If McDonald’s ever does start selling Wufei, do you think he’ll be included in the happy meal? *snerk*

    1. I’m a total sucker for posters. I’ve got a zillion more in roll that I don’t have room for, all bought back in the day when I had an apartment to cover with them rather than just a single room XD

      I got back from grocery shopping, and little cat came and slept on my lap again as if that was the natural thing to do when I appeared. He’s so funny and cute.

      Wufei would be the toy in the JUSTICE MEAL, obviously. Quatre, on the other hand, would be a perfect Happy Meal toy. I know what Trowa’s buying when he visits the Arches!

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