I am pet-sitting for a co-worker, and I had no idea it would be so stressfully time-consuming. Though I’ve determined that there are four Confrérie parts remaining (unless any one of them grows so much that it has to be divided into two), they are not ready to post yet. My apologies to my reader on the delay of the end of this story.

Eventually I’m going to be really annoyed about this; I loathe breaking a great streak, especially so close to the end. But honestly, right now I’m hella indifferent about everything. So much damn going back and forth between my house and this other house; so much getting up early to come let these dogs out on days when I should be sleeping in. I could have just stayed here nights, but I miss my cat too much when I’m away. Seriously, though? No more pet-sitting.

Other stuff needs to be reported, but did I mention indifferent? I can’t work up the energy to mention anything else. Oh, but I will post a picture of one of these dogs, at least, to show how cute she can be. I mean, it’s not like this is all bad.