La Confrérie de la Lune Révéré Index

“Something cataclysmic appears to have happened to our Regional Manager.”

La Confrérie de la Lune Révéré

A His Own Humanity story

A step Trowa has needed to take ever since the breaking of the curse has unexpected consequences; now unpleasant truths must be faced by everyone, and Quatre is suddenly a completely different person.

Drama/Romance/Adventure/Introspection | Duo & Heero (primary), Quatre & Trowa (primary), Saitou & Sano | Rated 2 | | Language, sex, AU, Rurouni Kenshin characters | 120,183 words | Completed 11/2014 | ebook

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3 thoughts on “La Confrérie de la Lune Révéré Index

  1. A new story?! Really?!! *excited bouncing* Yay! I finally figured out that I can comment without having an account – so my comments will be from “Lilly” (this is crystal_lilly from LJ). Yay for a new story! I may even have to use this commenting method to go back and respond to some of your other posts. ^_________^

    Of course, we won’t talk about the instant concern and trepidation that the phrase “Something cataclysmic appears to have happened to our Regional Manager” brings when paired with the description of “Quatre is suddenly a completely different person.” *googly eyes* I mean, I didn’t really think that Trowa and Quatre would just have a problem-free happy ever after when the curse was broken (they went through some heavy stuff that was bound to leave scars), but still…. Ack! So do I wait until it’s all done and power-read it all in a day? Or do I torture myself slowly by reading each chapter as it is posted?

    Any hints on how long this story is? Over 50 chapters? Shorter than 20? Man… why do the pairings in the “His Own Humanity” universe get to me this much? *laugh* Regardless… thanks for writing and sharing another story!

    1. Heh… that quote… I’ll give you three guesses who says it XD So far it’s the most appropriate quote for this index page, but it’ll be replaced by something less dorky when something better gets written.

      Quatre had the easiest time of all of them during everything that’s gone before in this series; one might almost say it’s his turn. If one were evil, that is.

      Unfortunately, I don’t know yet how long this story is going to be. I didn’t start posting Plastic until I had, like, forty parts done, and I’d hoped to reach that point in this one before posting, but that was not to be. As of now I only have about thirteen parts written. I want to say it’s likely to be a little shorter than Plastic, but I can’t guarantee that. In any case, I am hoping to get a better buffer going so I can post more frequently than once a week. But I guess we’ll see!

      Anyway, thanks for commenting! I figured it must be Crystal Lilly from the previous message, and I’m glad to see you!

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