I added all of Chely Wright’s CD’s to my weekend playlist, so it isn’t getting any shorter XD Once again I’ve had a relatively snackless weekend, though; shopping trips have consistently not included snacks lately.

Miscellaneous GW fics–

This weekend I worked on almost every single Gundam Wing fanfiction I have in progress. Still no idea what, if anything, I’ma hit heavily next, but progress was made on many fronts. I feel like I’d really be happy to finish up some short stories before I go for something longer, so that’s probably what will happen. Bizarrely, I have several short stories in the canon setting in progress. It’s only bigger narratives wherein the canon setting falls apart for me. What Not To Do is probably doomed XD

Quatre and Trowa art–

Yeah, finished that, which is good, since I was getting a little tired of it. Now I’m just not sure what to do with it, since, as I mentioned in the post, it’s 20×30. I could hang it on the wall, if I took something down to make space for it, but I’m not driving push-pins through it and I’m not sure how else to put it up short of framing it, which seems… expensive.

I never was fully satisfied with Trowa’s freckles, and there are, of course, other aspects of the picture that are less than perfect, but in general I’m pretty happy with it. I came to the conclusion, though, that I won’t be doing any more Prisma-on-top-of-Creta projects. The only real benefit to the combination was having a base of color laid down before I started with the Prismas, since that meant a lot less Prisma I was required to use. The aspects of each that I like best don’t mix well. Plus, Prismas. Ugh.


I talked to Zombie Girl on Saturday, and requested (demanded, really) that she brainstorm with me about the ending of the first book that I was still a bit vague about. She gave me some great ideas and helped me find some more direction with that, so now I’m a lot more confident about working toward that. I reread everything I have and have been thinking a lot about it, and I’m getting more and more solid. So, serious work on that project can recommence. I am very happy.

This coming weekend I have to work both Saturday and Monday, so we’ll see if I manage to log anything on the Sunday that is my sole proper weekend day.