From Damien 9/3/14:

Dere Aunt Jen I luv you.

You or a grate prsen.
I have morbls.
louv Damien.

From me 9/3/14:

Hello, Damien!
I was very happy to get an email from you!
How many marbles do you have?
Are you having fun doing school?
Aunt Jen

From Damien 9/4/14:

I have 47 marbles I louv you you or a grate
can you reed relee horrd wrds.
luov Damien.

From me 9/4/14:

Wow! That is a lot of marbles! What colors are they?
I can read really hard words. I’m glad you are learning to spell words and to email; it’s very good to know how to do those things! I bet your mom and dad are proud of you for learning so much.
Aunt Jen

From Damien 9/4/14:

The color that they orr is red.
wut is 85 minus 75?
love Damien

From me 9/8/14:

Do you play fun games with your marbles?
Are you reading Harry Potter with your mom?
85 minus 75 equals 10.
Love, Aunt Jen

From Damien 9/8/14:

I do play fun games with them.
I do reed harry potrr .
you are grate.
luv Damien

From me 9/9/14:

What other kinds of games, besides marbles, do you like to play?
Do you like Harry Potter? Are you having fun reading it?

From Damien 9/9/14:

I play the minein game. chess i play chess. plants vs zombees.
I do Like harry potter.

From me 9/9/14:

Plants Vs. Zombies?? What kind of game is that? I don’t want any zombies to be around!
What interesting things have happened in Harry Potter so far?
I’m sending you a picture; see if you can find a little surprise in it!

From Damien 9/10/14:

I love you .
You are a grate prsin .
THE plants fite the Zombies .
In harry potter the jiint brackse in the hwos .
Can you give me projekt parets .
love Damien.

From me 9/11/14:

If I saw some plants fighting some zombies, I would hope that the plants would win! Zombies are scary! But I like plants. Do you have any plants? If you don’t, maybe you should try growing a plant.
I like Harry Potter very much! I like Dumbledore. Have you met Dumbledore yet?
I think you should make spider cookies. You can make the body segments out of cookie, and use black licorice for the legs and candies for the eyes. If you want to put hairs on, that could be coconut. What do you think?
By the way, I think you are a great person too!

From Damien 9/17/14:

Yes. I have ment him. I do have plantes we will make coocees. I hope the zombies will win .
wut is yor cat doing. luv Damien

From me 9/19/14:

What kind of plants do you have?

When you make cookies, will you take pictures of them and show me?

My cat does not like Uncle Dan’s cat very much, and sometimes they fight each other. But sometimes they are OK in the same room together for a while. I will send you a picture of them both on my bed.

From Damien 9/24/14:

I like your cat . I am in the picsher that i sented the big brown thing is the hive i am working on.
love Damien

From me 9/27/14:

I like my cat too! She is very nice and soft, and sometimes she sleeps with me in my bed.
Your hive is great! Bees are really cool, aren’t they? When I was 12 years old, I wrote a bunch of poems about bees.
Is your hive more finished now? Can I see another picture of it?
I hear you finished the first Harry Potter book. How did you like it?

From Damien 10/11/14:

I will send it later. Bees are cool. Im lerrning about snakes.
snakes are cool .
Some snakes have stripes.
love Damien

From me 10/20/14:

Do you have a picture of your finished hive yet?
I agree that snakes are really cool. Would you like to see a picture of a snake that I drew?
Are you going to have a Halloween costume? What will it be?

From Damien 10/22/14:

no not yet . ILL like to see a snake picture. I have a costum its a sqid. wot are you going to be? 3 picturs has me 1 pictuer has me and Lyric

From me 10/23/14:

Your costume is super cool. I love it. I bet you’ll have lots of fun on Halloween. I’m not going to wear a costume this year because I’ll be at work most of the day, but I did find some Halloween scrub shirts with pumpkins and spiders on. (I wear clothes called “scrubs” to work.)
I’m sending you that picture of a snake that I drew. It was a birthday present for a friend that also likes snakes a lot.
What’s happening in Harry Potter right now?

From Damien 11/6/14:

BucbeeK POCKED MOUTHOI. I LUV YOU. CAN I see a piccture ogen? l luv the snake.Im sending a picture of to snakes an a gi.

From me 11/10/14:

What do you think about Malfoy? Is he a good person? I love the Harry Potter books.
I will send you another picture I drew of a snake. Do you know what a sketch is?
Ooh, I like your picture! Is that a tiny little guy attacking a ginormous snake with a sword?? That would be scary.

From Damien 11/20/14:

The snake is cool. Malfoy is meen. Malfoy is not a good person. yesdrday wos mi brth day . we got cupcakes. is it omost your brthday ? doo you like cupcakes.
love Damien.

From me 11/21/14:

Yeah, Malfoy is definitely mean. You know who else is mean? Snape. What do you think about Snape?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It’s a couple of days late, but happy birthday anyway. Are you six years old now? Did you have lots of fun?
It is not almost my birthday. Mine is in September. But I do like cupcakes! It is almost Thanksgiving, though. I like Thanksgiving!

From Damien 12/10/14:

I love you. you are graet. IM 7 yers old.
I love harrey

From me 12/24/14:

Happy Christmas, my nephew! Are you doing fun stuff for Christmas? We have lots of delicious food we’re getting ready to eat at my house. Did you buy presents for your family?

From Damien 1/7/15:

Yes i got presents for my family. did YOU buy presents for your family. Ireelee like HARRY POTTER movies . now year we did fireworkes . Christmas we opened our presents.
love damien

From me 1/13/15:

My end of the family did not buy each other presents this year; instead, we all contributed money to go to DISNEY WORLD. That was super fun, wasn’t it? It was great to see you guys too.
Do you know what country Harry Potter lives in?

From Damien 1/28/15:

harry lives in England . I Iove you.
wut do you see at England.

From me 1/29/15:

Hi, Damien! I love you too!
Yes, Harry Potter lives in England, and that’s where I am right now! Only until tomorrow, though. I will show you some pictures I have taken here. I got to see two real castles!
One castle is very old. It was built in 1300! It’s falling apart and covered in green moss, as you will see in the picture.
The other castle is also very old, but it’s not falling apart so much, and they still use it sometimes. They had a big ceremony there for the son of the queen once. Did you know that the queen of England is the oldest monarch in the world? She is 88!
While I have been in England, I have bought two Harry Potter books. The cover illustrations on these British editions are charming, and I will send you a picture of one of them because I like it so much and you might like it too.

From Damien 2/13/15:

I love you .hou old are you. We have all 7 Harry pottor bookes .I am 7 .
love Damien

From me 3/1/15:

Hallo, Damien! I love you too!
I will be 35 years old in September, but for now I am 34. How many times older than you am I?
I have all the Harry Potter books too! I love them. What other books do you like?

From Damien 3/13/15:

We are reading the Hobbit .Are you olrite . mr. Baggins killed spiders and helped the drorfs git out of sillk . I love you.
My picture has shapes. It is a battle . it is 3 againct 3.
love Damien

From me 3/14/15:

Ah, The Hobbit is one of my very favorite books! Did you finish it yet? Did you like it? I think it’s great!
Your picture is great too! Your mom told me that you were using Paint, and that’s a lot of fun. I use a program kinda like that sometimes. Here, I will make a picture for you too!

From Damien 3/17/15:

Im sending you a picttuer of a battle . we did not finish the hobbit yet . the pictuer is cool.

From me 3/17/15:

I will love to see a picture of a battle!
Your mom says you’re reading The Hobbit for school. That’s awesome! Will you do some projects for it?
I am making a computer game for you. I am very excited about it! Are you allowed to play a game on your computer? What things would you like to happen in this game? Tell me, and I will put them in the game for you.

From Damien 4/3/15:

I am allowed to play computer games .Have you played rayman legens ? IT can be called the lords of the light and dark.So I am a sentar. In the first level I haved to reskyou the 5 lords of the
light. My wepons are a bow and airose on fire and a nife. The nife is magic it can tern the monster into your woryer . he or she will falloe you. do you like the Hobbit? we are don with the Hobbit.Hobbit is great. love Damien

From me 4/3/15:

I’m glad you’re allowed to play, because here is the first part of the game! There will be more later when I make more.

Download that program and run it, and it should install the game.

I used some of your ideas — the game is about rescuing the Lords of the Light (but in the part you can play right now, you won’t meet the Lords just yet). You’re not a centaur — sorry about that! — because I already made your character before I got your email. And you will eventually get a magical knife that will allow you to capture monsters so they can fight for you! Just not yet.

I hope you enjoy playing the game. Feel free to tell me more ideas that you have, and I will put them in if I can. I will send you more of the game when I’m done making it.

I have not played Rayman Legends, but it looks like fun. Are you good at it?

I’m glad you finished The Hobbit and that you liked it! It’s a great book, isn’t it? I love it. J.R.R. Tolkien is my favorite author. What was your favorite part of The Hobbit?

From Damien 6/11/15:

We went to atlanta.WE went to the Aquarium .
WE saw fishes.I saw the Dolphon show.

From me 6/11/15:

I love aquariums! I’m glad you guys had fun and saw cool fish and dolphins! We have a super cool aquarium here where there are MERMAIDS.
I’m glad you like the game! You should download the latest version of it. Some parts are a little easier now (so you may be able to get through battles better), and the story goes farther. Download here:

If you install it in the same directory as before, any saved games you have may still work. Let me know if there are any problems, though. Tell me if if crashes or if you get an error or if it’s too hard to get through, OK?