GW drama with Damien and Lyric

25 days ’til I turn 35!

My sister and her family are visiting, and I thought I’d share a couple of videos of Damien (7) and Lyric (4) playing with the Gundam Wing figures on my computer table (as well as a few other characters such as Ariel and Gilda the griffon).

Damien got a very brief rundown of who the GW characters are, but he doesn’t remember many details about them. I’m not sure why he latched onto Wufei as the coolest; no accounting for taste, I suppose.

Lyric is very quiet, so it’s difficult to hear what she’s saying, but I still decided to put the video up for documentation purposes and because that helmet. Sadly, I didn’t manage to capture the part where Duo asked Ariel if she wanted to go to the beach with him.

2 thoughts on “GW drama with Damien and Lyric

  1. That’s the cutest thing I’ve seen all week! I was just getting ready to start shipping Ariel and Relena when Wufei showed up, in Lyric’s video. Too bad it ended with a Game of Thrones incest scene. :-)

    Wufei is the coolest? I don’t think so. I did notice that Heero and Duo attacked Wufei together. Even kids know they work best when they work together. Of course, just as in fanfic, Duo seemed to get beat up the most. Some things never change!

    1. I would be all over an Ariel/Relena pairing: Relena meets her match at immaturity! Seriously, though, I have a hard time figuring out, in Lyric’s story, who’s a zombie and who isn’t. In any case, Relena isn’t afraid of them XD

      Wufei does kinda seem to win everything in Damien’s game XD My favorite thing about his is the dialogue… “What did you DEEOOO???”

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