Dream accounts are another thing on which I’ve fallen off badly over the last year or so. So here we go.

I dreamed I was a member of Robin Hood’s band. I was at the hideout, and so were Lea and a guy I knew in high school. Lea had rescued a husky or malamute (the dream wasn’t clear on this point) and was trying to train it to be friendly and nice. It was still a bit snappy at me, though, and also really wanted to go out the door, to the point where someone had to stay behind and distract it with treats if anyone else wanted to leave the room.

Somebody needed a new bow, and we were alerted to a sale (like a BOGO) at the Nottingham market, and I was all excited to go because there were two new models of bow that I really wanted. I pretended, talking to this guy that was there, that it was an inconvenience for me to go to the market, but that the new bow would be a consolation, but in reality I was super happy about it.

So I hopped into the secret dumb-waiter that we used to get to the Nottingham market. It had a camouflage net sort of thing in front of it to keep it hidden, and I have clearly been writing too much about hiding gundams lately. I waved goodbye to the guy and the dog (Lea had gone somewhere to do something prior to this) and headed for Nottingham.

As the dumb-waiter rose up to a point where I could see the townspeople and the market, I was a little concerned to see foresters (the legitimate, law-abiding kind) milling about in their brown hoods. But I reflected that, though I was wearing a cloak that might make me look like a deep forest outlaw, mine was red and I was a woman — and apparently wearing a red cloak a la Rotk├Ąppchen was a fashion statement made by some women that would not immediately associate me with the outlaws.

At this point, since this entire experience was a video game, I was also considering that I’d never played the game on the law-abiding side. Evidently I’d always been drawn to the outlaws and hadn’t been able to bear setting up a character that worked for the sheriff; who would? I climbed out of the dumb-waiter and saw all the quest-givers in town with their big yellow exclamation marks, but I was too excited to get to the market to stop for any of them yet.

Then I woke up, and my first thought, before I returned to full coherence, was, I really do have that game, don’t I? I could play a law-abiding character if I wanted to. Then I woke up a bit more and realized that, if there is such a game, I certainly don’t have it. I do have Conquests of the Longbow, but I gave up on that when I couldn’t win the archery tournament and kindof assumed I would need to have done so in order to proceed. Anyway, this dream amused me. The bits about Lea and the husky as members of Robin Hood’s band, and the Nottingham BOGO sale, were my favorites.