I’ve been “””working on””” this post for, like, a week, which mostly means having nothing else to say and ignoring it. So here it is.

Guess what!! I have my first grey hairs!! OK, technically, I’ve been dying my hair black for so long that grey hairs might have come along any time in the last few years and I would not have noticed them. Lately I’ve been letting my natural color grow out, though, and these little grey ones have appear along with the rest. It is exciting and kindof awesome for no particular reason XD

GW fic coming soon!

I dreamed that we were at grandma’s house (mom’s mom), and she had a whole bunch of big dogs running happily around in a big back yard. I adopted two of thems: a pit bull and a great dane, both female and very sweet (sweet female dane ROFLOL).

The problem was that, in this dream-world, it required first a five-hour drive and then an airplane flight to get both to and from grandma’s house. The dream made it clear that the flight with these dogs wouldn’t be a problem, but the five-hour drive to the airport was going to be somewhat difficult. For one thing, I already had Beeks with me. For another, we’d bought a bunch of souvenirs, so our baggage was very large. Also we were already four adults (and one small dog) in a compact car. Cue another ‘woke up laughing’ moment.

Once Waybee decided to help me with homework:

You can tell I’m still in 2012 with these pictures I’m trying to catch up on posting. It is nice not to have homework anymore.

This was also back before we finished getting six-foot fences up all around the back yard, and the deer were in and out whenever they wanted:

And then one time ZG and I saw these amazing signs in a store: