Character Profiles: Fanfiction OC’s

En Shevil (from a Quest for Glory fanfiction)
Askgaella Chekghaera (a demoness from a Quest for Glory fanfiction)
Cairo (a dog from a Gundam Wing fanfiction)
Tajiru Kotono (from a Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction)

En Shevil

Featured in Pride of her Parents

Relationships: En Shevil is, of course, the girlfriend of the Quest for Glory Hero, whose name in this story is Achim. They are a very Mary-Sue couple and have the power of looooove. She also becomes good friends with Quest for Glory character Elsa von Spielburg, a little before but mostly after Elsa’s post-QfG1 haircut and the attainment of the QfG5 midriff armor. En Shevil started out as the enemy of Askgaella, but they eventually became allies (and once kissed because of the power of fanservice).

Species: Mary-Sue (technically a human who has magically become part dragon and part djinn, but she just looks human)

Height: Medium

Build: Medium, somewhat muscular

Eyes: Green

This character has three distinct states:

Typically called En Shevil

Setting: Shapier (fantasy Middle-Eastern); En Shevil is a thief

Personality: Innocent, girlish, and playful

Age: 17

Skin: Dark tan

Hair: Bright blonde, knee-length; usually up in a high ponytail held by a wide golden band in which she keeps her lockpick

Clothes: Stereotypical fantasy-Arabian-style woman’s clothing (poofy, half see-through pants; sexy top; pointy-toed shoes; etc.), not too fancy or rich but still flattering (colors don’t matter as long as it looks good). No need for a veil.

Typically called Deathscar

Setting: Fantasy-Japanese; now she’s a ninja

Personality: Insane and bloodthirsty

Age: 18

Skin: Still dark tan, but now she has a vertical scar through her lips on the left side (just below her left nostril)

Hair: Still bright blonde, but now very short (wild, hacked-off)

Clothes: Stereotypical ninja outfit with bandagey-looking wrappings from just below the knees down (covering the shoes), just below the elbows down (hands and individual fingers wrapped as well), on the waist (in place of a belt/sash/obi/whatever) and neck (disappearing under the neckline). The wrappings are off-white and the rest is dark brown (a warm brown, almost burgundy); there’s a device in pink and purple on the chest showing the silhouette of a cherry tree.

She carries/fights with twin kodachi that fit against each other into a single sheath (XD). These have half-circle green jewels on what would be the pommel if you could call it a pommel; when sheathed, these create the illusion of one circular gem (yeah, right).

Typically called Dazah

Setting: Silmaria (fantasy Greek with a bit of Roman thrown in); now she’s a mage

Personality: Pensive and serious (Mary-Sue angst)

Age: 19. I can’t believe she only ever made it to 19. OK, well, I can believe it, seeing as I started writing the story when I was 17 myself.

Skin: Pale peach; the scar on her mouth is gone

Hair: Golden-red, shoulder-length; usually loose

Clothes: Bandagey-looking wrappings covering her chest under an off-white gi, opaque off-white fantasy-Arabian-style pants, and off-white shoes with no pointy toes this time. She fights with a katana now. Because why not.

Askgaella Chekghaera

Featured in Pride of her Parents

Setting: Wilderness; vegetation and general appearance can vary from lush and healthy to greyish and blasted and dead (with a swirling green sky).

Relationships: Originally sent to defeat and possess En Shevil during her Deathscar days, Askgaella eventually reformed and became allies or even friends with En Shevil (and they once kissed because of the power of fanservice).

Personality: Proud and very sarcastic

Profession/Abilities: Previously an agent working for the king of the demon plane, Askgaella went rogue when she decided she no longer wanted to be evil, and eventually formed a haven for other, like-minded demons. She is a fairly skilled warrior, fighting either bare-handed (which includes her tail when she has one) or with her sword Blackblood.

Age: I honestly don’t remember if I ever decided how old she was during the PohP years. Youngish, I guess? Appears mid-twenties? I can at least tell you she’s supposedly super incredibly gorgeously Mary-Suely beautiful.

Height: Tall

Build: Medium, big bust. A note on demon evolution: a demoness loses/gains useful body parts as she is promoted/demoted within the demonic hierarchy (and, after having abandoned it, when she experiences personal growth/backsliding), so Askgaella may be drawn with or without a tail or wings.

Her tail is long enough that about a foot and a half of it can lie on the ground when she’s in a natural standing position. It’s about four inches in diameter where it emerges from her body at the tailbone, tapers to a rounded point totally unadorned, and is covered in skin. It is snakelike and prehensile.

Her wings are like bat wings, with the bone parts black and the membranous in-between parts the same color as her skin (like my technical terms there?) Also they’re all artfully shredded because that looks cool, but somehow manage to be aerodynamic nonetheless. The power of Mary-Sue, I guess.

Skin: Dark purplish red. She has a number of horns that can be drawn in black or off-white and are rather tedious to describe: one on each side of her head just above the ears (which are pointed, by the way), about three inches tall; one more just above and behind each of the previous on the sides of her head; two curving up from above her right eye and taking the place of an eyebrow there, reaching almost to her hairline; two curving down and somewhat inward toward the nose from her left cheekbone; one on each shoulder pointing upward and outward, about four inches high; one on each hip, also about four inches high and pointing upward; one on each inside ankle about an inch high pointing upward.

Hair: Black; typically buzzcut, but I did experiment, in my head and in a couple of crappy old drawings, with various other cuts for her involving interesting combinations of shave, mohawk, and shoulder-blade length. Never any bangs, though. If you’re feeling creative, have fun making up some weird hairstyle for her! Where it’s long, it’s straight and smooth.

Eyes: Dark red

Clothes: The only clothing description ever offered in the story is “a loincloth and halter top,” and back when I wrote that I was probably thinking of something like what Demona wears in Disney’s Gargoyles. She can probably wear just about anything, really. If you want to draw her sword, I don’t actually have a lot of detail on that either: it’s black but shines red in the light, and has the image of a dragon inlaid in red all up and down its length, and a black gem near the hilt.


Featured in Plastic

Setting: Modern-day U.S. (plus magic)

Relationships: Cairo is the pet of Gundam Wing character Quatre Winner, to whom he is quite devoted. He also has a hyper beagle friend named Scrat, and is pretty fond of her.

Personality: Aloof, undemonstrative, pensive, but can be playful under the right circumstances (e.g. with Quatre when he’s feeling energetic)

Profession/Abilities: Cairo has recently had a magical/cognitive awakening, and can now sense nearby magic and communicate with communicative magicians. He’s not technically a familiar, since Quatre himself has no magical abilities.

Age: 13 (elderly)

Physical Description: Cairo is a papered Canaan dog, a typical cream color (darker gold along back and back of head), and tends to be overweight (BCS 4/5)

Tajiru Kotono

Featured in Aku Soku Zan(za)

Setting: Meiji-era (late 1800’s) Japan

Relationships: In love with Rurouni Kenshin character Sagara Sanosuke from the days when he was part of her yakuza; flirtation (to which he’s mostly oblivious) eventually changes to possessiveness.

Personality: Poise and a polite smile always cover up what she’s really feeling, but if any emotion is to be shown, it should seem slightly sad. She’s actually rather evil and a tiny bit unhinged, but you can never really tell.

Profession/Abilities: Arm-candy to a yakuza boss; she was previously a geisha, and has all the requisite geisha skills: she is well-educated, speaks several languages, converses exceptionally well on just about any topic, and is a skilled diplomat.

Age: 27

Height: Short

Build: Medium

Skin: Light brown

Hair: Black; wavy; long, with wavy bangs; usually up in an elegant arrangement with some accessory to match her outfit; I usually give her eartails too.

Eyes: Black

Clothes: At the point in her life in question, she is still playing a very geisha-like role, but would rarely go all-out with a formal kimono and full makeup. An expensive, beautiful kimono and light makeup are fine.

(My sister added the bug because she thought Kotono needed something to be looking at.)

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