I’ve become somewhat shy of posting information about newer unfinished original stories and characters over the last several years, so all of these characters are from older works (or are from fandoms). They are arranged by world/setting:

Akomera — A fantasy world I use for both fanfiction and original fiction: medieval/Renaissance blend, European-esque but with some Japanese influence.

Queen Imau I Jiomosu Dantaoji (male)
Queen Kurine Queen Imau II
Shinorutei Dantaoji (female) Akemi (female)

The Famous All-Female Mercenary Group — The one, currently unfinished story that was originally intended as the first in a series might become completed someday; we’ll see. In any case, this is a generic medieval/Renaissance European-esque fantasy setting.

Gent Corrick (male) Kenreciel (male)
Sibba (female) Tulette (female anthro)

Fanfiction OC’s — There aren’t a lot of these (at least proportional to the amount of fanfiction I’ve written), since I can usually make do with actual characters from a given series :D

En Shevil (from a Quest for Glory fanfiction)
Askgaella Chekghaera (a demoness from a Quest for Glory fanfiction)
Cairo (a dog from a Gundam Wing fanfiction)
Tajiru Kotono (from a Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction)

World of Warcraft Characters — I do a lot of daydreaming (if not necessarily actual writing) about the personalities, histories, and relationships of many of my WoW characters. I will add more profiles sometime when I’m not being lazy.

Ayniwa (female troll) Brynariath (female night elf)
Kokkuja (female orc)