As you may know, I am rewriting much of Part 1 of Aku Soku Zan(za) and reformatting the whole story, and this is taking priority over writing new stuff in Part 2 at the moment (though you never know when that may change). It’s a project that may take quite some time, so I’m considering two options:

1. Take down all that currently exists of ASZz and immediately start posting the rewrite one scene at a time as I get them written. This would break my rule of not starting to post anything until it’s mostly or completely finished, but ASZz is an older story that predates that rule in any case. Because I’ve settled on a rotation among the three in-progress RK stories I have on the archive at this point, I like to think it wouldn’t be too long (a month?) between scenes.

2. Leave ASZz on the archive as it is for now and wait until I have the rewrite completed to post all at once. If I estimate a completed scene every month, the rewrite is likely to be posted… sometime in 2021. Holy shit, 2021. I know I said “quite some time,” but I didn’t think it would be that long! But anyway. This has been the plan all along, and it would not break the don’t-start-posting-until-finished rule, and would leave the entirety of the currently extant story available.

Both of these possibilities are appealing to me. The biggest problem with option #1 is that if I’m not as diligent at working on the story as I’m fondly hoping right now that I will be, there will end up being ginormous gaps between bits of it all over again. The biggest problem with option #2 is fucking 2021. So please give me your opinion on the matter, either via the poll or a comment or both.

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