Blood Contingency — I’ve reached linear completion on part 11, and, as anticipated, it’s not going to be the most exciting or meaningful part of the story. Obviously it’s not totally devoid of interest, because I wouldn’t bother writing it in that case, but it’s definitely the predicted holding pattern.

I do feel like this part sets up some decently tense anticipation for the upcoming Wednesday events. Nothing spectacular, but it’s not too bad. However, in a story formatted the way this one is, that tension, I think, is entirely wasted because the Wednesday events don’t immediately follow; we’ll have the entirety of part 12 to get distracted (and part 12 is going to be distracting, yo), and the tension will entirely dissipate long before its actual resolution.

Oh, well. Maybe someday I’ll come up with a way to rewrite it better.

That Remarkable Optimism — Editing this story is making me like it more. I probably won’t know how I actually feel about it until six months from now after the usual step back (and the damn thing’s not even that long XD), but at the moment I’m back to thinking it’s OK. And it’s aaaaalmost ready to go.

Communication Skill — I’ve been hugely looking forward to starting this one for a long time. It’s the next HoH story, and the one where the issues in the Hajime/Sano relationship will be solved. Hah! what a conclusive word that is! Their issues will be worked on.

Anyway. This past week, I “started” the story in the sense that I’m carving more detailed part summaries out of the whole-story summary I already had. I talked it out with Zombie Girl, which is always an extremely useful exercise for getting my thoughts organized, and I should be able to have all the parts summarized pretty soon so actual writing can commence.

TLY — I got the next chapter started, but since I don’t have a very concrete idea of how far this chapter’s going to go, it was kinda directionless work. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m shuddering at the amount of reworking this story is going to require once it reaches linear completion XD

So I anticipate being able to post BC 11 as well as That Remarkable Optimism next weekend, and therefore I’m putting a whole load of stuff on the worklist. Ambition, yo!


  1. catsbell

    I am excited for many of the above things!

  2. Gabe

    Woah so many things to look forward to! Woot! >w<

    • kuroiyousei

      ^__^ I’m so happy the weekend is almost upon us!


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