First Kiss recording — Well, there’s a lot of microphone tapping noise and some obnoxious breathing in this recording, but it is at least finished, which is more than I can say of most of my recordings XD

I find that the best time to get some really good work done on these things is when I’m in a fairly decent work mood — not down-to-business enough to accomplish anything real, but patient enough to sit and work some — and happen to want to experience that story in particular. I was waiting around to leave for vacation with no idea how much longer it would be, and I wanted to reread First Kiss, so there you go.





Aku Soku Zan(za) — A lot of scenes in this story, at least in early chapters, seem to be comprised of a conversation followed by the thoughts of one of the characters involved. And in the original writing, I find that those thoughts didn’t always flow very naturally. Sometimes reworking them is a bit of a challenge.

Heretic’s Reward — The layout of this chapter was giving me a little trouble at first, but I think I’ve got it under control now. We’re (spoiler) approaching the end of this section of the story, and there’s some emotional development due to take place before the Sano-reports-what-he’s-learned-to-a-very-bored-Saitou bit is over. After that… well, I can’t say it’s going to be non-stop action for the rest of the story, but it’s going to change style and be a lot more active than this part. So a lot of the chewy emotional stuff is getting wrapped up in the next few chapters while there’s good space for it.

The Test — Sometimes there’s a conciseness to a scene that you’re really pleased with, and then you keep writing and it starts to slip away, and you can feel it slipping away, but you wonder whether you’re just imagining things and you’ll be fine with it when you come back to it later, and whether you oughtn’t to stop now so you can wait until later to reassess because then if you really don’t like where it’s going you won’t have to chop much but if you’re OK with it you can just go on.


TLY — I was a little bit stuck on chapter 18, but obviously I just needed to do something else for a while. It seems to be coming together now. Got nothing else to say about it, really.


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