OK, so what if Sano was a planet? An angry, moltenish planet that thought he had no reason ever to join a solar system? And he’s all drifting along in space (just… just go with it, OK), and then the gravitational pull of this one sun Kenshin ends up pulling him into orbit anyway?

(So then we get these other orbiting planets Kaoru and Megumi and little moon Yahiko, squee.)

But then this other sun Saitou comes along, and there’s a bit of a gravitational struggle, and Sano ends up getting drawn off away from Kenshin to orbit Saitou. And the others just didn’t feel the pull, and can’t figure out why Sano changed his orbit, and think something must be wrong with him.

So then Saitou’s like, “Cool down; all that magma isn’t good for you.” And Sano’s like, “You’re literally millions of degrees hotter than me, asshole.” And Saitou, sadly, can’t make that into a snide joke about physical attractiveness because they’re not built for that, but he does point out, “That’s because I’m a sun, idiot.” And Sano’s like, “Yeah, well, you don’t have to glare so harshly all the time.”

So they help each other with their extremes, Sano regulating his magma and Saitou regulating his intensity, and, lo! Through their mutual improvement, Sano becomes a planet that can support life. And they’re both awed and fascinated by what they’ve created together.

I also think it’d be cool if Saitou too was a planet, and he and Sano started orbiting each other independent of any sun. And then the others would wonder (besides how anyone could not orbit Kenshin) how a planet could orbit another planet. They’d be sure to think it’s not right, and might try to put a stop to it.

OK, so most of this could really happen with any set of characters you can think of, but whatever. And if it sounds like I had a weird dream where Sano was a planet that got me thinking of all this… yeah. That’s true. But I love Saitou and Sano, so there.