Blood Contingency part 12 — I cry very, very easily over just about anything you can think of. However, my own writing rarely brings on tears, because I’m typically pretty focused on it as something I need to work on rather than external art I’m experiencing. This is no surprise — when I need to prevent myself from crying over some song I’m singing, focusing on the technical details of the music helps, which is the same principle. But occasionally I do approach my own writing enough from the outside that it’ll make me cry (if it’s the right type of scene for it) — though since, as I mentioned, it is no difficult thing whatsoever to make me cry, this isn’t exactly an earth-shattering experience when it happens.

Every even greater once in a while, though, something will make me cry as I’m writing it. I’m not sure how many times this has actually happened; at the moment I only remember four instances: the ending of Condition of Learned Helplessness (I don’t recall which specific line or section); Trowa’s confession to Quatre in Rose Pale, “I love you so much there were times when I thought it would kill me;” a recent section of TLY wherein my main character was thinking very badly of himself, poor thing; and a moment in this very chapter of Blood Contingency.

I’m not even entirely sure why this particular scene made me cry as I was writing it. I mean, yeah, it was an instance of, ZOMFG THEY SO LOVE EACH OTHER (and if you know Invader Zim, imagine G.I.R. saying, “That boy loves you so much!!”), and of course I love very little in the world more than I love the love between Saitou and Sano XD But it wasn’t actually a terribly superroutine moment between them; in fact it rehashes ideas we’ve previously encountered in this very story.

I have been a little emotionally fragile lately, thanks to the staffing situation at work going back to hell and it being a little more difficult to deal with the second time around, so maybe that’s why: Saitou and Sano and their love is such a glorious paradise in contrast to the stress of having to be in vaccines two or three times a week XD

Anyway. The chapter has reached linear completion, so expect to see it up in the next couple of weeks.

The Test — Not only did I determine a way to break up what may be some slight boredom in the current scene, I made significant progress on that scene. The nearer I get to finishing a story (or at least reaching linear completion), the more excited about it I become, and The Test is no exception. And I’m sure I’ve already mentioned how eager I am to get at the next scene in line! Patience, though; gotta finish this one first.

Today was my birthday celebration, and it took most of the day, and for this reason I didn’t work on TLY at all. I kinda figured that would be the case, and therefore attempted to work on it on Saturday and Sunday… but I usually only have time for real work on one story a day over a typical weekend, which is why I try to keep it down to three in the first place. Ah, well; there’s always next weekend.


  1. Gabe

    Oh dear. I’m curious what’ll happen next chapter in BC. o.o!
    I’m sorry to hear that about work. I hope things settle and get better there for you. :c
    And omg belated happy birthday!!!

    • kuroiyousei

      Hopefully I’ll have it up this weekend so you can find out, but I’m making no promises XD And thanks — I hope work gets better soon too, but am bracing myself for the more likely situation of its not doing so. Also thanks for the birthday wish!! I had a lovely birthday time ^__^


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