He Can Be Taught recording — Can you believe I actually finished a recording this long??? I don’t want to say this is probably about as long a story as will ever appear here in audio form, but I kinda fear that it is. The eternal bugbear of such recordings manifested hard during the editing of these files: an agitating nagging, “I really should edit this entire story and rerecord it.”

Of course the story does need editing (what story doesn’t?), but that attitude will prevent me from ever completing a single audio recording if I let it get a grip on me. Longer stuff (like all the chaptered HoH stories) is already suffering from this, and it’s a bit of a miracle I managed something even as long as three hours and fifty minutes.

Another thing I kinda wanted to do that almost held the project up further was too rerecord all the dialogue. I’m not very good at voices, but I like to think I’m not terrible… but I’m afraid I am pretty inconsistent, and in a story of this length it’s particularly noticeable (at least to me).

However, as I listened to the recording from beginning to end after the fine editing was finished, I found that the inconsistent voices weren’t egregious enough to make me want to go to the effort of rerecording them all. Additionally, I liked the way I performed certain lines so much that I didn’t want to give them up :D

So anyway, there’s an audio version of He Can Be Taught, my favorite Saitou & Sano story written by me, available for download now! How long before I mark it “Outdated recording?” That’s anybody’s guess.



Aku Soku Zan(za) — I don’t really have any thoughts on my work on this lately — it’s all the same as before about the coincidental encounter — but I did come to a realization: despite what I said while discussing the posting schedule, this story isn’t going to keep updating at the beginning of each month indefinitely. Eventually (actually probably within a couple of months here) I’m going to catch up with myself, and then it’s going to go to updating whenever each new part is done just like Heretic’s Reward and Blood Contingency.

I’m not too worried about this, since I’ve been doing really well on both of those stories (and also I don’t think anyone’s reading ASZz), but having realized this did kill any interest I had in posting it on ff.n. I don’t want anything up there that I can’t maintain on a regular, established schedule. Which is kindof a shame, since I think it would have been a good representation of active (and, if I do say so myself, high-quality) Saitou & Sano fandom. Oh, well.

The Test — That scene I kept mentioning as almost complete? Yeah, it’s finally complete. So I’m finally working on the last scene that needs to be written, and I’ve made some decent progress on that as well. Duo in tie and vest is vera nice.

I may already have mentioned, but I’ve lost touch with how this story is functioning as a whole. As soon as I hit linear completion, before I even start with prose editing, I’m going to have to read the whole thing through probably several times in a row to see how its overall layout does or doesn’t work. Cross your fingers for me!

Heretic’s Reward — As I believe I’ve mentioned, much of this chapter was already written, and I’ve taken care of a lot of the rest of it. As I’ve also already mentioned, I’ve been looking forward to this one quite a bit. It’s sad (obviously, considering what happened last chapter), but to me it’s also pretty romantic. Sano’s got it bad, which is, of course, exactly what I like :D

TLY — Chapter 18 is complete, which makes me happy. The beginning of chapter 19 is a summarizing segment that covers a few days, and in fact is the first such in the entire book. Even at this point I’m still kinda wondering whether it might not be too soon to jump forward a few days like this. As usual, I guess we’ll see.

I’m thinking I’ma mix up the order in which I work on stories on weekends. I tend to have multiple errands to run and shit to get done on Mondays, and if I ever need to make appointments during business hours, Monday is obviously the day for that… so I tend to get the least writing done on Mondays. It seems unfair (and is really starting to annoy me) that TLY keeps getting the short end of the stick because of that. Methinks I shall bump it all forward one day to put TLY on Saturdays, RK story on Sundays, and GW story on Mondays, and see how that works for a while.


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