Poetry project — As some may know, I used to write a lot of poetry, and some of it was (in my opinion) pretty good. However, it’s been a long time since I’ve written any — the last thing I did was finish up a short piece, which had already been sitting around unfinished for years, for use in Rose Pale in 2011 — and I think it’s safe to say that the poetry-writing stage of my life is over.

As such, I feel it would be worthwhile to compile and release a definitive collection of what poetry I feel is suitable for public consumption. Actually, I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for quite some time, but the other day as I was waking up I was kinda pondering it in my half-sleep and wondering why I’d never done more than just consider it.

So I got together all the poems I like enough for such a project — there are 42 of them — and put them in an order I find acceptable at the moment but that may change. And I’ve started thinking about layout.

The thing is, every time I’ve given any thought to this idea, I’ve been aware that I definitely want visual art to go with the poetry. I think that’s what’s kept me from working on this seriously for so long, because 42 drawings — or even just 40, if I decide to omit a couple — are difficult to come by whether I decide to do them all myself or commission/contract for them.

In the latter case, commissioning seems more feasible, since this isn’t a collection I expect to sell for big bucks, and artists would make a lot more if I just paid for each picture upfront rather than arranging for sale percentages. But if I paid, say, $100 for each picture, well… dropping $4,000 on this project, even over the course of a few years, is a daunting prospect.

Drawing them all myself is, therefore, the cheaper option… but it’s also a very iffy option, given my track record with visual art. If I find 25% of what I draw acceptable, that means I might well have to draw around 160 pictures to get what I need for this project. Which, aside from not being something I really want to do, will take a freaking shit-ton of time. I mean, even only 40 is going to do that!

However, I also don’t want to just say, “Screw it; it can do without pictures,” because, as aforementioned, I envision this as a definitive and final collection, and would like it to be a deluxe product done right.

So I’m going with the “drawing it all myself” choice until further notice. If I find I really can’t do it, I’ll have to reconsider. The picture I’ve started is… OK… so far. If it turns out a little more inspiring once I’ve got some shading onto it, I may be encouraged in this course. We’ll see.

TLY — It was interesting, and a little difficult to get going, working on this on Saturday instead of Monday, but I did make some progress. I realized that I made this switch, ironically, just before I have to work on the 22nd; work on Saturdays always tends to kill my creativity for the rest of that day, so that’ll be another day TLY gets the short end of the stick… but there are plenty more Saturdays thereafter.

Anyway, still struggling through a sort of summary section, which certainly doesn’t help with getting work done! But since progress is being made, as I said before, I’ll get through this bit and back to the really interesting stuff and then I should be fine.

Heretic’s Reward chapter 22 — You guys, I kinda love this chapter. Sano gets something he’s been wishing for, and it’s absolutely something that I too am always wishing for, and you’d better believe I’m squeeing about it. As I mentioned last time, sad but romantic.

So the chapter hit linear completion early enough in the day that I was able to get some editing done too. I should be able to finish it next weekend, so expect to see it next Sunday — and hopefully to enjoy it as much as I am!

The Test — Working on this on Monday instead of Sunday went pretty well, and I made good progress. I’m at the point where the main event of the final scene that needs to be written is about to begin, and I’m excited.

My total lack ignorance of how this story is coming together and working as a whole becomes heavier and more looming each week, but since I’m so close I’m trying to restrain myself from reading the whole thing until at least this scene is finished. Ideally until this scene is finished, I’ve decided what Heero’s dog is named and Trowa’s band is called, and I’ve filled in “[boring kiss description]” — that is to say, until proper linear completion.

Hopefully I’m just being paranoid and the whole story comes together just fine… but we’ll see. It may require extensive reworking before even the prose editing can start. Good thing nobody’s deliriously impatient for this one! XD

So, overall, a good productive three days with the new arrangement of stories. Between having to work this coming Saturday and having that wretched emergency phone over the weekend, we shall see how the next ones go!