More photos! Working my way through thems! Look, out, though: cow eyeball from dissecting days within. But we will start with a sweet waybee looking up disdainfully:

Sometimes I like to document cute clothing I get. Mostly it’s t-shirts, because the images on them wear off so badly over time and I like to have a record of what they looked like new and clean, but sometimes it’s other stuff such as cute sweaters.

Mist is rare and usually not very thick around here, so I guess I was excited about the weather this day and thought I’d take a couple of pictures. They’re not really very exciting? But here they are:

This macaroni and cheese was even more neon in person, but the picture does give some idea of the nuclear level of danger one might feel one was in in eating it:

Aight, here are the cow eyeball pictures. Dissecting a cow eyeball was way cooler than I thought it would be.

Then this one I took because I thought it was interesting how it could say either “Rabbits” or “Raldoits.”

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS. While I worked at EA (yes, these pictures are still all from 2013), they introduced these apple truffles that were SO FREAKING CUTE:

Also one time a family of tape measures moved into my house:

And one time at school we had Play-Doh for some reason I’ve totally forgotten by now. I mixed up a lovely orange and made a pig. Obviously I learned a lot from the object lesson.

I’ve mentioned how Disney Princess merchandising is the most lesbian thing that’s ever lesbian’d, right? Here, we see Aurora like, “Hey, gorgeous… need a dance partner?”

This next one, a view from out the front of EA, I really have no idea why I took. The sky was probably full of super cool colors at the time, which my phone was undoubtedly completely unable to capture. Whatevs.

Aww, waybee sits on the steps!

An an arrangement I thought was cute.