The Test — Because Monday has become my day for working on this, and last Monday I was very distracted by preparations for a trip to Disneyland, I chose it as my travel story. All this means is that I worked on it during the plane trip to California, not that I touched it any other time during the supreme exhaustion, enjoyment of Disneyland, and wretchedness about election results that comprised the rest of the trip.


I made so much progress on that airplane ride, and on Friday (which I’d taken off work in addition to the three days the trip actually consisted of), that the story has reached linear completion. FUCKS TO THE YEAH, MY FRIENDS.

So I did what I mentioned I needed to do and read the entire thing from beginning to end the moment I hit the big L.C., and guess what! I’m actually quite pleased with its flow and the overall feel, and think it comes together very nicely!

Since then I have done a shit-ton of editing, and it is COMING RIGHT ALONG. I can’t declare an actual post-date just yet, but expect it SOON-ISH. I am super excited.

TLY — I’ve reached the end of chapter 19, which is also the end of the fourth file, which is also exciting. The book’s at about 75,000 words at this point, and I’m pretty confident that the eventual length will be perfect — not dauntingly long or stupidly short.

We’re out of the expedition part of the story and back home, and that means the introduction of a new character and acceleration into the final stretch. I’m eager for both of those things, and it’s always nice to be eager for what you’re about to write! So overall the project is going very well.




Blood Contingency part 13 — And speaking of going well, guess what else is at linear completion. Shit, son, how productive have I been this past week!!

Obviously this part is a huge one in… well, in every possible way, really. It definitively links the two timelines, confirms a few things the reader has undoubtedly been guessing all along, reveals or at least hints at (just in case the reader hasn’t guessed) kinda the major point of the whole story, and has so much drama and snippets of angsty romance I just can’t even.

As such, I hope everyone reading enjoys it, since it’s so damn important! I’m liking it so far, and I’ve managed quite a bit of editing already. I should be able to get it finished and posted next week, so look forward to that!

Seriously I should take a week off for a trip to Disneyland more often. Two chapters and one story at linear completion all at once? That’s fucking amazing!!


  1. Anonymous

    Ooooh so much progress! Congrats!!! :D I’m so excited for the next chap of BC aaaaaaaaaaa— I wish you luck! And wow Disneyland it’s been so looong.

    • Gabe

      Oh woops. My details disappeared. xD (I should prolly get an account here haha.)

      • kuroiyousei

        Heh! I wondered who it was at first!

        Yeah, I’m suuuuuper excited about all that progress… I’m usually too tired to work on stuff during the week, so I’ve been longing for the weekend so I can get back to all that stuff. That new BC chapter’s not too far off now!!!

        Disneyland is awesome. I will always go there :D


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