TLY — Ah, it’s so cool to be introducing this character and getting into the final events of the story. It’s prompted some thoughts about characters and characterization (in original works) that I’d like to ruminate on, but I kinda don’t have time.

This has been a short weekend on account of the clinic’s being open tomorrow on account of being closed on Thursday and Friday, so I haven’t had much time, in between productivity and chores crammed into a smaller period of time, to put together my usual weekend chatter.

However, since I’m still in the middle of the new character’s introductory scene, and she’s going to be important going forward, I’m sure these thoughts about characterization are not going anywhere… and I should have plenty of time to work through them next weekend.

The Test — I am a quarter of the way through what should be the final (pre-post) edit of this story. Of course the earlier parts were written… um, earlier… and have already been edited quite a bit over the years since I started this thing; and therefore the latter 2/3 or so of the story will take longer (and increasingly longer as I get further into it) to edit. So perhaps “a quarter of the way through” is a deceptive phrase. But still. Good progress is get.

I’m hoping to make this the very first story I’ve ever posted that has its ebook and audio version available at time of posting, and that’s stupidly exciting to me for some reason — probably because it usually takes me years to get audio recordings of stuff done (and most content around here doesn’t even have one available yet). But I realized that, as long as I’m using the recording process to facilitate editing anyway, I might as well force myself to finish up the audio files as I go so as to have a completed recording along with the story.

This story has some features in common with Notice (specifically, visual artist college students with a few related details), and there was a period during which I was considering whether or not I should change the hobby to something else in order to avoid that repetition. It was a very brief period, however, as I realized that the initial setup for this story wouldn’t work with any other vocation in place of visual art, and I’d be losing some content I really like. So repetition it is; I think people will forgive me.

Blood Contingency part 13 — Well, there it is; much is revealed. I’d really like to know how much — that is, I’d like to hear readers’ impressions of what’s going on and what’s likely to happen — because foreshadowing is very important in this story and I’d like to know how it’s working.