Christmas break to-do list

To-do lists are of no interest to anyone except me, but having it up here is useful. Feel free to ignore!

* Answer OKCupid messages
* Call sleep people unless they call me first
* Clean up a bit?
* Finish AEL
* Finish other AEL
* Get flu shot
* Listen to Miranda Lambert
* Mail package
* Make desktop wallpapers
* Organdize desktop musics
* Post thang on AO3
* Refill prescription
* Sleep in a whole bunch (Technically I did do this. It didn’t really work, though.)
* Try to shave Beeko WHAT A FAILURE THIS WAS
* Visit doctor
* Visit neurologist
* Wash Beeko
* Watch a lot more Brooklyn Nine-Nine than I really intended to at the beginning of this week
* Watch The Cabin in the Woods
* Watch The Chipmunk Adventure
* Watch Christmas Eve on Sesame Street
* Watch It’s a Wonderful Life
* Watch Rogue One
* Watch Scrooge
* Wear a lot of ties
* Work on stuff on work list

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