Lately I’ve been in one of those “Nobody cares” moods that doesn’t lend itself well to getting a lot done. So this meager PL represents the accumulated work of this entire month.

TLY — Sometimes I’m so exhausted and footsore at the end of the work week that I spend Saturday as if convalescing, and that (especially in combination with the mood aforementioned) is not always good for writings. I’ve just done a sleep study, and hopefully the results of that will help pinpoint where my insomnia comes from, which will help me be better rested for work and have less accumulated fatigue at the end of the week. In the meantime, Saturdays are sometimes kinda hit or miss. Which is funny when I consider that I switched TLY from Mondays to Saturdays in order to get more work done on it. Still, I have worked on this lately. I just don’t really have anything to say about it.

Sano’s Badass Adventure — I’ve been chipping away at Ikkinzome’s last scenario — somewhat grudgingly, I admit, due to all reasons previously mentioned — and a late-breaking idea about that scenario is now going to force me to retread everything I’ve already done. Hopefully it won’t be too much extra labor.

Heretic’s Reward chapter 23 — I figured out where this chapter is going to end, and in fact it’s almost to linear completion. We get to meet a good friend of mine here, so yay! Otherwise, though, this chapter may be a little boring, since it’s going to cut off just before the important information starts being revealed. Still, essential stuff happening. We’ll see.

Interestingly, once chapter 23 is finished, I’ll be able to post the very last interlude that has a definite place and is completed rather than just floating unfinished in limbo somewhere. It’ll also be the very first interlude in thirteen chapters. Of course since HR started its life as a comic, the interludes were originally the only prose parts of the story — short little pieces that sat beneath relevant pages to provide some outside perspective… but since I transitioned to prose for the entire fic, they became kinda pointless.

And since that transition happened right at the beginning of what is now chapter 11, it’s no surprise that there haven’t been any of these kinda pointless short-stories-from-P’sOV-other-than-Sano’s since just before that time. But the post-23 interlude has long been completed, so it’ll go up after this chapter.

Nine Decades — So this is kinda-sorta the next GW fic, in that it’s the one that’s wanted to be worked on most lately. I believe I’ve mentioned before what this is: a HoH collection of nine short stories about Duo’s time as a doll. I have ideas (some more detailed than others) for all the stories but one. The story set in the 70’s is finished, the one in the 80’s almost so. The 90’s story is started, and the 30’s story has a title lined up but no actual writing yet XD

Of course this premise does not lend itself to a lot of happy events, reflections, or endings. And it kinda sucks to be like, “Hey, here are nine depressing stories about Duo’s lengthy period of suffering for your enjoyment!” But I think they will, at least, be interesting, and have some moments less than entirely miserable along the way. Still, even without being overtly angsty most of the time, I think as a whole the collection will definitely be the saddest part of HoH.

It will also be the earliest part of HoH except for the Plastic prologue, but I don’t at all intend this part of the series to be read in chronological order. It’ll go into the Through July collection — ideally, (eventually, I hope) interspersed with the other stories there… but for now while there aren’t enough stories in that time frame to put one between each two Nine Decades stories, it’ll go between Get Used To That and Reciprocity.