A photodump for the new year!

I say “for the new year,” but it’s almost February. Ah, well. A photodump for near-February, I guess. Let’s start out with a Waybee in a toy box:

And then one time I saw this:

Yes, I do tend to take pictures of anything that reminds me of Gundam Wing characters; why do you ask?

And wot about a sweet Waybee with a sweet foot???

I’m not sure why I took this next one, but it does make me giggle a little, so that’s probably it:

I don’t know if Taco Bell does this anymore, but for a long time they had these hilariously straightforward signs in their stores that simply said, “Work Here.” And one time I found one that someone had evidently taken from the store window and relocated to the window of the exit of the office building I worked at.

When I worked at the dry cleaner, Front Range LeatherCare was the company we sent leather pieces out to. And it’s difficult for me to say just how distressing I find this image they used for advertising:

And then how about Waybee again!!!

Oh, man, some products and their packaging…

Then this cauliflower, I am 100% certain, I took a picture of because it said “Chou-Fleur” on it. Why, yes, I do tend to take pictures of anything that reminds me of Rurouni Kenshin. Why do you ask?

Then what is this:

Duo shows up everywhere. This one is, like, his Magical Girl Superhero Name.

And look, here’s Waybee very kindly helping someone work on their laptop!

And here’s Waybee on the green blanket again!

Also when I worked at the dry cleaner, I used to find the most interesting things in people’s pockets.

Let’s finish up with more Waybee. Here she is in a dark entryway sitting between my purse and my backpack.

2 thoughts on “A photodump for the new year!

  1. Waybee pictures are always the best. My favorites are the pictures of her on your laptop. That reminds me of how two of my cats like to sit on my desktop’s keyboard.

    One of the fun things about Duo is that his name pops up everywhere. :-)

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