TLY — Creeping ever closer to the end of this scene, which will also be the end of this chapter. Still, as I mentioned, looking forward to the next bit. It’s kinda sad how sometimes (like a few logs ago) I have lots of interesting thoughts about this one, and sometimes I can barely fill a paragraph XD

Naked Rooftops — This story is coming along nicely — I’ve been just writing at random, jumping around from one segment to another and working on whatever I feel like, so it’s slowly expanding in all directions — and because of that I have a new thought.

I don’t do very well with deadlines, but I do do pretty well with just plugging away at something until it’s finished — witness my weekend to-be-worked-on list that gets chapters out on a decently regular basis. That’s probably mostly why that resolution I made once upon a time to complete some new Saitou/Sano thing every month didn’t work out.

Now I’m thinking that if I just keep a small Saitou/Sano thing (be it vignette, one-shot, or visual art) on my to-be-worked-on list and work on it every weekend until it’s finished (like I do with the other stuff on the list, which is typically chaptered or otherwise longer), I’ll come up with a new small Saitou/Sano thing pretty regularly, if not to any particular deadline.

As I mentioned last week, I really should be putting out these smaller things on a regular basis just like I used to; there’s no good reason for me not to be. And, yes, it’s a little dangerous to keep adding things to my weekend list when the number of days in my weekend remains finite… but I think this is a good plan. At the very least, it’s a good plan to try for a while. In the name of Saitou and Sano!!! And speaking of which…




Blood Contingency part 14 — Holy crap, I love this story. With that sentiment out of the way, I have to comment on something interesting I only just noticed.

I don’t remember what, a million and a half years ago when I started writing this, prompted me to put it in first person, which is a POV that, though I don’t hate it, I’m not hugely fond of. But I realized whilst thinking about upcoming parts over the last week that it’s kinda fun to have this particular story in first person, for a very specific reason.

See, typically, the reader is fairly reassured by first-person narration that the narrating character cannot both be telling the story and die at the end. Of course it does sometimes happen, but it’s still a pretty safe assumption to consider the narrating character safe from death. Actually it puts me in mind of my thoughts on The Cabin in the Woods in the AEL I just posted — when you’re reading something in first person, there’s a lot more “How will Our Heroes get out of this one?” and a lot less, “Oh, crap, they won’t.”

But in Blood Contingency, the reader realizes sooner or later (no later than part 13 unless their reading comprehension is suffering) that Saitou, the narrating character, is going to die during the Meiji-era section of the story. And though there’s a very simple explanation for why this is possible (in a word, reincarnation), still I think it could put some cracks in the solid foundation of belief, based on the aforementioned sense of reassurance, that the narrating character — in this case Joe — cannot or at least is very unlikely to die.

Of course there’s another solidity to that belief in anyone that knows me and my love of Saitou and of happy endings (or at least optimistic ones), so I doubt anyone reading the story will actually feel any significant worry… but just taking the story at face value, out of the context of my body of work and fixation with Saitou, I think the first-person narration adds something interesting that no other fic of mine has. Will Joe die at the end? Or even before the end? There’s just no way to be sure :D

Death is obviously a big part of this fic, but, moving on from that, there’s some super cute Saitou-thinking-about-Sano stuff in this part I’m working on. It makes me squee. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s very important in this story to carefully establish and emphasize the state of their relationship… but that might also just be an excuse for me to write stuff that makes me squee XD

No, really, it is super important.

Nine Decades — Mostly editing this time, and that mostly of the 80’s story. I suppose I could start referring to them by their actual titles, when they have any, but I think I won’t… I think I’ll save that for surprise times when they’re finished and get to be posted, heh. Anyway, I don’t really have anything interesting to say about Nine Decades this time… honestly I think this PL has had the most ever to say that’s been the least concerned with the actual productivity I’m supposedly logging XD


  1. Gabe

    Aaaah, looking forward to BC. :DDDD And idk about the other readers, but I’VE been worried as hell. In any case, still excited tho!!

    As for the other updates, my brain’s still fuzzy, so I’ll prolly look through some of your logs to catch up. xD

    • kuroiyousei

      I’m glad you’re looking forward to it! And worry away, if you must :D :D :D


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