Aight, I’ve decided I’m not going to put anything about which my only comment is “I worked on this” into the post title. Even tagging the post for them may be overkill, so I think I’ll go back to the good old “List or mention.” For the record (which is what these entries are), I have worked on TLY and Naked Rooftops recently.




Blood Contingency part 14 — See, didn’t I say there was some cute Saitou-thinking-about-Sano stuff in this part?? I sometimes dig the idea of True Love between Saitou and Sano, like with the deepest and strongest of bonds decreed by destiny and all that shit. Most of the time I prefer a more likely setup wherein each of them has had other relationships and this is just a particularly good one (and hopefully their last), but occasionally you want something all-out improbable bullshit romantic.

Here I love to have Saitou comparing how things are working out with Sano to how things went with Tokio, even if he can’t articulate his true feelings yet. He’s just so adorable getting all giddy over this bombshell of happiness destiny has dropped in his lap, and I’m so happy for him (even if I know minutely the cruelty I have in store). And, as aforementioned ad nauseum by now, the True Love nonsense is not just apt in this particular story, but crucial. Of course we haven’t gotten to the really telling conversations yet, but it’s already obvious that Sano must have had a damn good reason to find Saitou’s reincarnation 150ish years later! Ah, I love them and their True Love forever!

Anyway. The fight in this part was somewhat difficult to write because how do you come up with any tension when your narrating character (first person, even!) is so totally unruffled? Hopefully the interest of what Saitou deduced during the battle makes up for the lack of any real adventurous feel to a scene in which he legitimately might have died but you almost couldn’t guess it from what he has to say about it. (He’ll comment later about his own level of fear, or lack thereof, in situations like this, but that doesn’t change this scene XD)

Have I mentioned how much I love this story? Yes, yes, I know, I have. It’s just kindof amazing that I paid it so little attention for so long. I think, though I was always interested in what I had planned, I needed to reach the very interesting and compelling stuff here in the middle to really get into it. I just hope I continue to enjoy it as well throughout the remainder.

And speaking of how much I enjoy certain stories, Archive Stuff — I’ve long toyed with the idea of adding an author rating of some sort to the information about each of my stories, and now I’ve finally gotten started on that. It was not, oddly, in response to how freaking much I love Blood Contingency (in fact in-progress stories won’t have these ratings); it was because I was rereading You Won’t Regret It and wincing at every other sentence or so. I thought it was about time I started offering a concise indication, somewhat earlier than author’s notes at stories’ ends, of what I thought of them.

So now, of course, I have to reread every single story on my archive and decide exactly — on a scale of to — how I feel about it. The most daunting part of this task is the awareness that I will want to edit every damn story along the way and definitely won’t have time for that XD Anyway, I kinda feel like Plastic is going to end up being the only five-star story, but it’s not impossible that it’ll get four and a half and there will be no five-star stories on the archive. Five stars may be an unattainable dream, heh. Or I may consider this a curved scale that simply ranges from As the Years Go Up in Smoke to Plastic. Weeee shall seeee.

Nine Decades — While working on the 90’s story (which I couldn’t refer to by title if I wanted to, since it doesn’t have one yet), I needed a couple of songs that would have been on the radio at that time, so I looked up a list of the top 100 from 1997. And, you guys, I was 17 in 1997, and it was so freaking nostalgic to read through that list. Not that I haven’t heard any of those songs since then, of course (in fact I own more than a few of them), but to see all the titles combined like that took me back hard to high school and the music that was popular then. All for a brief line obliquely referencing just two of the hundred XD

There’s a type of fanfiction I often dislike wherein the characters from canon are only present as observers of a story about original characters, and I’m afraid a few of these Nine Decades pieces may go in that direction. In this 90’s story, Duo does not interact at all with any of the other characters, who are all original. He wouldn’t be in the situation he’s in if he weren’t a doll with a penis, but his being a doll is also original to this fanfiction universe, so…

Most of the stories won’t be like that, but it’s inevitable some of them will. And though the outcome of a particular piece may be some new (hopefully interesting) information about Duo’s history, or some thoughts from him about how much these circumstances have reiterated the suckitude of dolldom, having 4,000 words focused largely on characters we’ll never see again may eventually annoy me (though it isn’t doing so yet). I don’t know if it’ll annoy readers, but it’s not impossible. It is what it is, though, and in any case 4,000 words isn’t terribly long. People can skip stories they start to find annoying and not miss much.

Well, it’s been a less than spectacular weekend because of an aggressively busy workday on Saturday, and, though this PL encompasses last weekend too, it’s still disappointing to report so little accomplished. Nevertheless, I look forward to a big paycheck this Friday!! a more productive weekend coming up. ASZz’s next, and it’s aaalllll Zanza thinking about Saitou, so that’s definitely something good to anticipate :D


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